Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Worm...

Ok...I have broken my silence. The pressure I felt for blogging about my Hawaii trip, News Orleans trip, birthday weekend of fun, Orlando trip, and two trips to Austin has prevented me from blogging earlier. That just made me sound shallow and high maintenance, which I promise I am not!!

Anyway...I just decided to throw out a random blog for everyone. Thanks to all of my faithful readers who have voiced the need for a new blog. I hope that I don't disappoint, and I will eventually blog about all of my recent fun trips and experiences (cross your fingers!).

Everytime I drive down the race car track to Austin (aka I-35), I see a Scholastic Book Fair building just south of Waco. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling everytime I think about book fairs. It is probably hard for all of my readers to believe, but I used to spend hours analyzing the book fair catalog. I think my mom would give me a set number of books that I was allowed to purchase, and it really stressed me out! Should I get the newest Where's Waldo? book or another book by Beverly Cleary? Now knowing my mother, she probably would have let me purchase any books I picked out because she really just wanted me to be excited about reading. She might have placed some restrictions if I had only chosen Where's Waldo? books or Clifford the Big Red Dog books since she wanted me to read quality books appropriate for my age. On a side note, why is Clifford always all over the book fair catalogs and signs? Back on track...thinking about book fairs just brought back fun memories of reading while I was growing up.

My mother got me to be passionate about reading after we read The Wizard of Oz together every night before bedtime when I was probably in the third grade. Todd was always the book worm in the family, and I preferred to watch game shows on USA during the summer. Don't I sound like a braniac?!? After we read that book together though, I was hooked on reading. I became the biggest fan of The Babysitter's Club book series. I even wrote the author, Ann M. Martin, a fan letter. I made sure that I was at the Waldenbooks in Westgate Mall the day that the newest book in the The Babysitter's Club series was on the shelf. I could read one of these books in a weekend. I always kind of cheated because I skipped the entire section of Ms. Martin telling the reader about the history of all of the babysitters in the series. That was a good 20 pages, and it was always the same in each book! I think I may need a blog post just on The Babysitter's Club series...the wheels are turning in my head about an awesome post!!

I really don't know where I am going with this blog post, but it has made me excited about reading again! I think I may even finish Twilight since I am the only woman in the United States who is stuck in the middle of it. Long story!! I am happy to be back to my blogging world!