Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gentle Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my gentle friend! I actually have not officially sent your birthday card (only almost 2 weeks late!!) because I am having some issues getting stamps in the city of Fort Worth...excuses...excuses! Back on track...I am honored to call you my gentle friend, and I am honored to be blood related to you!

I don't know if I can pinpoint the first memory I have of you because you are in so many of my childhood memories! You are my cousin who is six years older than me. You had every excuse and opportunity to ignore me due to our age difference, but you were always so kind to me growing up. I remember how you would take the time to play with me even though I am sure it probably wasn't the most fun activity for you! Boy was I thankful that you paid attention to me!! I unfortunately was closer in age to Todd and Christopher, but as we know, they are crazy!!!

I thought of you as my big sister! I loved it when we had matching outfits! I think we had matching outfits when we went to Disney World together in 1986!! We probably even wore the same size...haha!! You are the skinny bean pole, and I am the chunky monkey!

I unfortunately have one sad memory of you in my past. That sad memory occurred the night before my family moved from Pataskala to Amarillo. I remember that your entire family came over, and you came into my room and we sat on all the large boxes that held my treasures. Little did I know at that young age how different my life would be in Texas. I often wonder what my life would have been like if my family had stayed in Ohio. On to a happier note...

You were always the sweet cousin who let me share your bed whenever we came back to Ohio. I always thought that your water bed was the coolest thing ever! I have fond memories of spending summers with you in Ohio. You got me addicted to One Life to Live and General Hospital. I thought that your life was so glamorous because you could drive, and you read long books for PLEASURE...not for school!

Your personality is so wonderful! You are such a gentle, positive, and fun-loving person. I love your laugh and how you laugh at my stupid comments and jokes! It has been fun to watch you become a mother. What a great job that you have done with sweet Jacob! He has inherited you sweet personality.

I thank God for placing you in my family. What a blessing you are to gentle friend!


Week 4

Oh my goodness...what was I thinking?!?
Patience and persistence...that's what I need!
Eye of the Tiger, It's Your Life, and Don't Stop Believin' are my theme songs!
After accomplishing this goal, I visualize something from Coach in my future!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The "Phone a Friend" Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "Phone a Friend" friend! I have only known you for about 1.5 years, but it feels like we have been kindred spirits forever! You would roll your eyes at me for calling us kindred spirits, but we must be like Anne of Green Gables since we both have red hair!!

My first memory of you involves Bennigan's on Hulen Street. It is such a tragedy that they tore that building down...the memories! I remember sitting at a table in Bennigan's after Sunday School and not having a soul to talk to! You were sitting a few people away from me, so I decided to say something that probably scared you away from being my friend! I decided to tell my section of the table all about my plans on traveling to North Carolina and the opportunity to visit Mount Airy where Andy Griffith grew up! Little did I know that you probably thought I was the weirdest girl in the world! A few weeks later, I remember coming into church late and asking if anyone was sitting next to you, and you were very welcoming to me! You must have forgotten the Andy Griffith comment! We got to chat a little bit as we walked across the street to Sunday School. Little did I know that you would soon be my very dear friend and my personal "Phone a Friend" with any information that I could ever want!

We then reunited at Julie and Lee's Memorial Day party. I think we both grabbed on to each other because we were the newbies to the group and a little intimidated. We had great conversation at the party! A few days later we ended up going to Cantina Laredo where we truly began our friendship! It was then that I knew you would HAVE to be my kindred spirit...your blog was too awesome to pass up such a friendship!

You are the most creative person that I know! I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of your English or Yearbook classes. I know that your students love you and are so blessed by you as their teacher! You constantly blow me away with your knowledge of what seems to be basically EVERYTHING!! If I was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and was asked by Regis (or Meredith Vieira) "Which president had a middle name that started with a 'Z'?" or "What was Flo Rida's first single?," you would totally have my back! You will always be my "Phone a Friend!" I think that I probably should have just phoned you to ask the correct punctuation for that last sentence....too many quotation marks I'm afraid!!

You are a hoot to travel with!! You are a hoot to people watch with!! You are a hoot to laugh with (especially when the "silent inhale" laugh occurs)!! I truly can't imagine any activity that you wouldn't make fun!!

Your walk with the Lord also AMAZES me!! The path that you have paved in your Christian walk is a pretty impressive resume and witness (I picture you hitting me hard in the arm now!). Your wise words and biblical knowledge blow me out of the water. You are the coolest seminary graduate that I have ever met!! Your knowledge and wisdom challenges me to strengthen my relationship with the Lord.

I hope that you have a wonderful "Jesus Year" since it is your 33rd year of life! I am so blessed by your friendship!! In the words of "your people" in Louisiana and Steel Magnolias, "You worship the quicksand I walk on!!" Love you!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Week 3

Oh my goodness...what was I thinking?!?
Patience and persistence...that's what I need!
Eye of the Tiger, It's Your Life, and Don't Stop Believin' are my theme songs!


Friday, November 27, 2009


Week 2

Oh my goodness...what was I thinking?!?
Patience and persistence...that's what I need!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poet Laureate of Dogwood Lane

During my time in Amarillo, I wandered across some of my old high school folders that my mom has kept for me over the years. They are mostly folders containing my great literary works (hehe!), and it really amazes me at how good I used to be able to write. I guess it is lose it if you don't use it! The last huge paper I had to write was a 20 page paper in pharmacy school reviewing a journal article. It definitely wasn't one of my finest literary masterpieces. I miss (kinda!) the days of Mr Biggers' English III-AP class where I really had to pour over every word that I chose to type on my paper. The portfolio that I was left with at the end of the year really made me proud of my writing ability! Todd was always the author of the family. If came naturally to him. I, on the other hand, had to work and work and then rework everything I ever wrote.

During my sophomore year in high school, we covered poetry for one six weeks period. I was forced to write a poem pretty much every night. The best poems that I composed during the poetry six weeks were classified as "sense" poems. Todd always made fun of me and said that I should get a beret and bongos and go read these poems down at the local coffee shop! I will share how pathetic sounding these poems seem to me now! Oh...and I had to add artwork ...if only you could see the great artwork too!!

"Worry is puke green.
It sounds like the chewing of fingernails.
It feels like an ulcer forming in the pit of your stomach.
It smells like a hospital room before going into surgery.
It tastes like Maalox."

"Contentment is peach.
It sounds like a supportive family.
It feels like accomplishing a goal.
It smells like the earth after it rains.
It tastes like chocolate cake after a hard day."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Always Positive Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "Always Positive" friend!! You turned a special number this year, and I am glad that you will pave the way for me to understand the decade that begins with a 3!!!

I met you over a dead dog. That's right...a DEAD DOG named Pudge. I praise the Lord that our last names both begin with "BA" because I don't think I could have made it through Anatomy without you!! Our group was made up of Matt (now a veterinarian), Lauren (now a dentist), you (now an AWESOME nurse), and me (now a pharmacist). We did Dr. Ruoff proud....even though I was terrified of her! The dog that we ended up with was definitely the fattest dog in our section (hence the name Pudge). I remember that they never wanted to use good old Pudge during the lab practicals...I wonder why...maybe it was his nasty smell?!?

Anyway...enough about the dog...I knew the minute I saw your smile and experienced your kind spirit that you were a Christian. I had actually prayed for my Anatomy group the entire summer before we started the class because I knew that we would be spending so much time together, and I was VERY nervous about Anatomy for some reason. God totally blessed my socks off by allowing me to have you in my group and then become my dear friend! We struggled through Anatomy together while our lab partner, Lauren, made a 100 on every practical...she was super sweet though!

I was quickly blown away by your serving heart and your huge volunteer work with Breakaway. I remember studying with you in the West Campus Library and dropping everything on a Tuesday night to head to Reed Arena for Breakaway. It was always a much needed break, and our outlook on Anatomy always seemed a bit different after hearing Gregg Matte preach! I am so proud of the work you did for Breakaway as an intern after we finished with A&M. It is such a small world that you became so close to my dear friend, Kelsey, during your intern year at Breakaway. That college ministry was truly blessed to have you and your beautiful smile!

Anatomy wasn't our only classroom adventure together at A&M. We actually randomly signed up for the same Beginning Tennis class. That blows my mind since there were a ton of Beginning Tennis sections to choose from. The Lord totally knew that I needed you in my life. We then proceeded to take Venture Dynamics together. I might have been more cautious about signing up with you for a class that involved ropes and heights after seeing your wonderful falling record (over completely random items)!

It's crazy to think that we ended up living right across from each other in San Antonio four years after graduating from A&M. I am so glad that I chose your apartment complex to reside in, and it blows my mind that I lived in a building directly across from your apartment. My residency year was SO crazy that I'm not sure if I would have made it without your positive, kind words everyday when I wanted to break down crying. You were always there to listen about a bad day and to calm my continual fears about my residency. We had great stress release times of watching "Strong Bad" and listening to "Real Mean of Genius" commericals together. It killed me when you left San Antonio in December of that year (darn graduation from nursing school!).

I am SO proud of the nurse that you have become...a fat, smoking, lazy nurse that is...HAHA...just kidding!!! I know that you are a ray of sunshine for every patient that you encounter. You have such a caring, serving, and Godly heart. I am so thankful God called you to be a nurse.

I had the time of my life on our adventure to the Aloha state in February/March of this year! What a trip of a lifetime, and it was so wonderful to get to experience it with you. Your laid back nature makes you a wonderful travel buddy, and I love that you can find humor in anything! We definitely make perfect travel buddies after both falling asleep on the Road to Hana (leave it to us)!

I continue to thank my God for you and your friendship! May you have a wonderful start to the decade that begins with a 3!!

My advice to you during your the words of Pauline (our tour guide).."Always go to the loo-a before looking at the nature!"

Hawaii trip

Sunday, November 15, 2009


OPERATION COTTON is set to commence tomorrow morning! Stay tuned for more details as to what this operation involves. I am going to create an acrostic to get it started with a bang!

Oh my goodness...what was I thinking?!?


Watch for t-shirts, bumper stickers, and maybe even some TV public service announcements. we go!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is This the Way to Amarillo?!?

So I will be returning to my hometown soon! I just realized that I haven't been to Amarillo since February (see apron blog), and I haven't seen my mom since June. That just may be a record for me...not something I need to repeat though!

A few years ago, I remember hearing that a song about Amarillo was on the top of the music charts in England. Tony Christie did such a wonderful job with the song "Is This the Way to Amarillo" that it topped the English music charts in 1971 AND 2002! I think it may have resurged in popularity purely due to its exciting topic of Amarillo. Can you imagine what people in England think about Amarillo? It sounds like quite a sexy location...I mean....sweet Marie...who waits for me!

Many folks like to spoof the original Tony Christie video. I have attached a You Tube video for your pleasure of this awesome song! It is of the Royal Dragoon Guards who were serving in Iraq at the time!

Hopefully I will remember the path to Amarillo! I don't think that there will be a sweet Marie waiting for me, but a Steve, Vicki, and Sandie will do just fine!

I guess I will have to hug my pillow a little longer...dreaming dreams of Amarillo...sha la la la la la la la!!

Oh...and George Straight may now have some competition for my favorite hometown song...

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Big Sister Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "Big Sister" friend. It's not that you are that much older than's just that you took care of me when I truly needed you!

I met you when I was a junior in high school. We instantly bonded. You were so kind to find out what was going on in my life! I remember sitting on the bar stools of my house and carrying on such a fun conversation about EVERYTHING. You were the outgoing girl who could talk to a wall, and I was the shy girl who hated talking to strangers...but we instantly clicked! I remember thinking how high class you were by the fact that you drove a new Ford Mustang, and you were the valedictorian of your high school class! And oh...let's throw in that you were the Luling Watermelon Thump Queen!! I never had such a classy friend!!

I arrived at Texas A&M in the fall of 1998 as a clueless Biomedical Science major. The horrible science classes quickly kicked my behind. You too were a Biomedical Science major and knew exactly how to encourage me and help me make it through the classes. You also made sure that I had a little bit of fun during my A&M career. I always got great football seats at Kyle Field because of having you (a junior!) pull my ticket to the game. I always looked forward to Tuesday nights as you would come pick me up in Mosher Circle, and we would head off to Breakaway together. That was back in the day when it was still located at Central Baptist Church! I would never have found a parking spot back on campus if I had driven myself!

If I had never met you, I might not be a pharmacist today! By meeting you, I met your wonderful crazy family! "We're not all crazy here!!" I got to spend a day in the wonderful Luling Discount Pharmacy where I started my pharmacy career by knocking over an ENTIRE pharmacy shelf full of medications. I think I turned five shades of red that day! Who would have thought that I would ever get into or make it through pharmacy school!

We got to experience graduate school together! You amazed me that you could go to PA school and be a wonderful wife at the same time...and then be pregnant during your last semester! I was proud of myself if I brushed my teeth at bedtime while I was in pharmacy school!

I was so blessed to stand by your side when you got married...wearing a naked dress and having cornrows in my hair was definitely one of my greatest looks! I will always treasure those pictures...haha! It has been so fun watching you become a mother to two sweet little boys and a girl on the way! You never got your bald-headed baby, but they sure were cute babies. There might be a chance for this last one!

I am so thankful that God placed you in my life, and that we have remained friends through all the crazy parts of our lives! We have been friends for 13 years now, and I thank my God everytime I think of you!

The In-The-Trenches-With-You Friend

I apologize for my blog hiatus and being late with these posts about my dear friends! That horrible BCPS test took all the power out of my brain for awhile!

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "In-The-Trenches-With-You Friend!" I met you during my pharmacy school interview. We can definitely call that a "day at war!" You sat next to me in the huge lecture hall during that horrible interview day, and I knew instantly that there was something special about you! I think we kept each other sane on that day! You were already encouraging me, and I didn't even now you! I knew that we had to be friends since our names are almost exactly the're just missing an important "I!!"

Little did I know that we would soon be spending FOUR LONG YEARS together! They weren't long because it was with you...they were LONG because we were getting our butts kicked in the trenches of pharmacy school! Actually...they weren't long at all...the time flew by, and we didn't even have time to sleep! We of course sat next to each other during the entire first year of pharmacy school. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do as no one could figure out how to say your name or my name! I kinda wished that Dr. Weidanz had gotten our names confused for Immunology because I truly could have used your awesome grades!

You amazed me by how fast you jumped into being a leader for all of our pharmacy organizations! Your many activities encouraged me to dive right into the trenches of the organizations with you! I never knew how you held all of those leadership positions and worked so much at Walmart pharmacy during those years. You probably still haven't caught up on all your sleep deprivation!!

Now that we are many miles apart from each other, we rely on the phone and funny emails to keep in touch! Oh and by the way...why did you move to Arizona?!? know it's hot there...HAHA!! I love it when I get off work and have one of your crazy LONG messages on my voicemail! I miss your laugh! I miss your teasing! I will always treasure our roadtrip around Minnesota for Julie's wedding. Only you would allow me to see go to Walnut Grove and see the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

We shed many tears and shared many laughs during our journeys to become pharmacists. I truly am proud to call you my friend as you are a wonderful pharmacist! I know that your customers love you, and I can just picture how patient and helpful you are to your elderly patients! You truly are living the "Oath of a Pharmacist." Thanks for making my pharmacy school journey so would have been miserable without you!

Here's a toast to staying out of the trenches!! But if you end up in another trench, I've got your back!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friends are Friends FOREVER!!

I recently came across an article on MSN titled "7 Friends Every Woman Needs." It made me think about how blessed I am with the friendships that the Lord has given me.

I would like to start a new series on my blog honoring my AWESOME friends, and I have chosen to compose a blog post about each one of these friends on their birthday. Some of the friends that I will choose to blog about don't even read my blog or know it's just for fun...and it allows me an outlet to thank the Lord for each one of them.

The History Friend

Happy Birthday to the AWESOME Christian woman that I am blessed to call my history friend!! I must admit that I copied a lot from the letter I wrote to you before your wedding...they were special words then, and I wanted to make sure I got it all right!

I met you in August 1998 (goodness...11 years ago...almost to the day!), it was definitely a life changing month for me!! I had not only moved more than 500 miles away from my parents, but I met YOU during that month!! I know that God was totally there on that one fateful August afternoon when He had me ask you to go to Freebird’s with me. I typically was a shy girl, but for some reason when I saw your bright, warm face, I just had an urge to ask you to come out to lunch with me. That was definitely one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made!! (A much better decision than me choosing to wear a "House of Blues" t-shirt and you choosing to wear a tie-dyed "Joe's Crab Shack" t-shirt.) We have truly evolved in our fashion sense...haha!!

You were an answered prayer for me! You were an answered prayer from my mother’s awesome prayers! I always wanted a friend like you while I was in high school, and I prayed that God would bring me a once in a life time friend while at A&M. You fit the mold of my prayers for a friend: Christian (which you are an AWESOME woman of God), honest, great listener, considerate, trustworthy, compassionate, and of course FUN! I never had to question if you would be there for me because you were always there before I even had to ask for help, and you always gave me wise advice.

You will never realize how much your cheerful words and praises helped me throughout my time at A&M as well as in present day. I think we all know how easily stressed and worked up I can get about pointless events in my life! Every time that I move now, I find a ton of “Good Luck” signs and notes you made for me throughout our A&M career that I have saved in different plastic containers. Your wise words and Bible verses were so meaningful to me, and I probably never thanked you enough for the encouragement. I treasure your kind words and artwork, and I know that I will never get rid of them!

You brushed away my tears continuously! I will definitely never forget how much trouble you went through to make sure I got back into Underwood Hall after finding my lost student ID card. I was already having a meltdown due to my upcoming Chem 101 test, and you knew exactly how I was going to react once I found out I had lost my ID card. You had only known me for a couple of weeks, but you were such a generous and understanding friend to go through all that for me. You always listened to me relay my bad day and offered words of wisdom. I never had to cry alone with you around!

There are so many “little things” that I share with you, that I’m not sure if I know where to begin, and I definitely know I will be leaving a ton of stuff out! Probably my favorite “little thing” was eating dinner with you almost every night. I never realized how much my family meant to me until I left for A&M. It was so refreshing to get to eat and PRAY with you every night at dinner. Another favorite “little thing” that stands out in my mind is going for ice cream on a Wednesday night freshman year! We were like two prisoners getting released from prison when we left campus that night! I think we may be the only 2 people on the face of this earth to laugh at that experience, but I still remember the fun we had! A huge “little thing” that I miss dearly to this day is our time in my room with you sitting on my bed. I’d pay good money to get one more night again where you would come sit on my bed and we would just cut-up about the day and of course procrastinate our studying! Maybe I could hear you say once more..."I want to marry an AGGIE!!!" (I'm SO glad it eventually happened for you!) I also miss the “little thing” of making sure that the other didn’t oversleep for a final. We were always like each other’s mother!

I feel that we really progressed to "mature" women by the time we graduated from A&M. We had those many days and nights of wanting to just be through with school and the stress that it entails, but we helped each other through all the hard times. You were my shoulder to cry on during the times I thought I was going to fail, and you always had a joke to cheer me up. You always had a way of entertaining me in the library even by sending me funny messages over the study carrel! You were also always there to tell me I was having a wonderful hair day when it probably was one of the worst hair days of my life!!

I prayed hard that our friendship would not cease after we left A&M. I knew that we were going to be living far apart and doing our own separate things, but I truly wanted to still be connected to you. You were my faithful friend that talked to me every Sunday night, and I SO looked forward to your calls. It was a rough start for me at pharmacy school, and you always cheered me up! You are such a faithful friend that always remembers my zany stories and asks me about my life! At the age of 80, I still hope to reminisce with you about our fun memories!

It has been so fun watching you in the role of wife. You have truly blossomed in this role, and I am so happy to see you in such a solid, godly marriage. We each have our own "adult" lives, but I always know I can pick up where I left off with you. I am so proud of all of your work accomplishments and am so proud to call you my friend.

You will ALWAYS be my dear friend! In the words that you have often shared with me over the past 11 years (and I hope many years to come), “Thanks for being my friend!”

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life"

So I heard this song by Green Day tonight and it got the squeaky wheels in my brain turning. I have had writer's block recently due to the pressure of blogging about my Ohio trip, which I SERIOUSLY need to do, but let's go with this thought for now!! I love you Ohio relatives!!

This song by Green Day makes me think of happy times at the end of my high school career and just puts me in the mood to reminisce about my times growing up in A-town. I began thinking how romantic it sometimes seems about the possibility of moving back to A-town and falling in love with a local or even someone from my past. This crazy notion is probably due to my love for the now cancelled TV show "Ed" and the few times I saw the TV show "October Road." These shows seem so glamorous to me because the show's main character was at a crossroads in his life and picks up everything from his exciting life in the big city and moves back to his hometown to all the people he left behind. the people I left behind are basically my parents and my cat, Sandie...not so glamorous for me!! I unfortunately don't have a cool group of pretty, single friends back in A-town, nor does one of my friends own a restaurant/bar where I could find the love of my life. So maybe I need to be like "Ed" (the "Bowling Alley Lawyer"), and open a pharmacy in a bowling alley. I do possess my own bowling shoes and my dad does have his own bowling ball.... Maybe one of my customers will be a blast from my past AND the love of my life...haha!!! I also dream of having a smoke-free bowling alley where I counsel everyone on smoking cessation and hand out nicotine patches like they were candy!!!

I digress... So I actually guess I did get the chance to move back to my hometown after college when I attended pharmacy school in A-town, but I definitely wouldn't call it an "Ed" experience. I did reunite and date a childhood friend, but he then proceeded to be a complete jerkface and break my heart just a tad. I guess I just should have bought a bowling alley, and it might have worked out!! The bowling shoes just weren't enough?!? I digress AGAIN...

So now on to my serious point...I have been convicted lately about not being content with where my life is RIGHT NOW. I either keep thinking about the great times of my life in the past or wanting great times to happen for me in the future. Why are we wired like that?!? Why am I complaining and not feeling satisfied when I have a God who is giving me constant grace and is in control over EVERYTHING in my life. I pray that God will keep teaching me to be content with everyday, and that I will learn that it is through Christ that I get my strength and sustenance.

Philippians 3:13-14

"Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

PS...For all my 2 readers from Fort Worth, I am in NO way planning to leave Fort Worth anytime soon...I just dream about weird things...that's why I should probably have an anonymous blog!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

National Campaign to Ban Designer Stiched-On Cloth Labels on Coat/Suit Sleeves

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

I apologize for the somewhat long title to this blog post, but it pretty much sums up the whole point of my message today. You see, I want to start a national campaign against designers being able to place a stiched-on cloth label on the sleeves of coats/suits. It has brought extreme heartache to my family, and I know we aren't the only ones...

The heartache story begins Spring Semester 1997 (I think!?!). My brother, Todd (who I hope doesn't hate me for sharing this...but he doesn't really read my blog)!), was beginning his second semester at A&M when he decided to "rush" a prestigious organization. I will let this organization remain anonymous as I truly think it is a great group of Christian men. This organization has members who have gone on to be great Christian leaders, GQ models, and even American Idol contestants. Anyway... back on track... So to try to join this organization you had to be invited to an event at Kyle Field for a time of mingling. Everyone who was anybody knew that you wore the typical dress of the organization to this event which was a navy blazer with khaki pants. Todd went to the mall to purchase this said navy blazer. I am sure he looked totally snazzy in his preppy outfit, and I know that he used wonderful conversation skills at this "mingler." turned out that he didn't get selected for this very prestigious organization. I truly think it killed me more than it killed him. I think I cried for him on the phone and then I bawled after I finished our phone conversation. I was heartbroken for could they not want my incredibly awesome and cute brother?!?

Let's go a few months down the road when Todd returned home to A-town for the summer. He brought his suave and preppy navy blazer home with him which made my mother cringe the moment she laid eyes on it. THE DESIGNER LABEL WAS STILL STICHED ON THE SLEEVE!!! I think more tears were shed at this point!! Todd had been with these classy college men, and he totally didn't realize the need to remove the designer label from his sleeve. You know...I think they should start teaching this life skill during the senior year of high school. It is very hard for some people to think that the label should be removed since it is such pretty cloth!

So this brings me to an ethical question... I try to picture myself in a real life situation, and I wonder if I would tell a total stranger that the designer stiched-on label was really meant to be removed. Let's picture me riding on the subway to work (it sounds much for glamorous than my normal work transportation of a Honda Accord), and the girl sitting across from me is wearing a new Ralph Lauren black suit with the designer label still very evident on the sleeve, and she looks like she is headed to a job interview. Do I tell her that this label is really meant to be removed? Am I brave enough to embarass her for just a second so that she is not embarassed in front of everyone she meets on her job interview? I sure hope so!

That's why I think that I should start a full blown campaign (bumper stickers, buttons, airplane flying messages) to make Joe Public aware of the fashion faux pas that can occur with designer cloth labels left on sleeves! Maybe I can prevent a lot of heartache, and maybe that girl that I informed on the subway about her fashion faux pas will go on to become the CEO of a Fortune 500 Company or something!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gargantuan Sputnik Head

So here is the famous line from the film "So I Married an Axe Murderer" that inspired this post:

"Head! Paper! Now!
Move that melon of yours and get the paper if you can!
Haulin' that gargantuan cranium about!
I'm not kidding, that boy's head's like Sputnik!
Spherical, but quick pointy in parts.
Well, that was off sides, wasn't it?
He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight on his *huge* pillow."

**I wish that you could all hear Mike Myers read this's hilarious!!**

Here is a picture from my cruise with Jalen and Kelsey that also inspired this post:

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

**Does anyone see any difference in the size of my head compared to Kelsey's?!? I can't believe that I opened up this picture to my friends and family.** I must admit...I have a HUGE head. The proof is in the picture. I probably should have composed this post on my birthday as I must apologize to my mom for having to give birth to me and my big ol' head. Or maybe I should phrase it as my big ol' head and then came me! I think that my birth raised my mom's pain threshold to an insanely high level. This later prepared her to be able to walk around Washington, DC for an entire week on a church trip with a broken foot and not ever think twice about seeking medical attention. I think my parents wanted to post a copy of the head circumference growth chart on the refrigerator because I was always WAY above the curve!!

The pain of having a massive head has followed me throughout my entire life. I never owned a Brownie beanie when I was in Girl Scouts because I don't think they made one large enough. As a band nerd in high school, my hat size always began with the number 8 while everyone else had hat sizes that began with the number 7. I used to blame my thick hair for needing such a large hat, but I actually think I have SO much hair because I have such a monstrous scalp that covers my jumbo head. It was always fun getting all of my hair up under my silly band hat.

Since I am quite sensitive about the size of my head, it often leads me to notice the size of other heads. Ryan Seacrest has an insanely small head (or maybe David Cook has an insanely large head?).

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

Due to the fact that I pay fine attention to detail and realize that Ryan Seacrest has such a tiny head, I refuse to try out for American Idol. It has nothing to do with my singing ability...I just don't want to look like Mr. Potato Head next to Ryan!!

Maybe I need to look into a head reduction, or maybe I just need to lose some weight so that my head may look a tad smaller!! I guess I will now just go cry myself to sleep on my HUGE pillow!!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Book Worm...

Ok...I have broken my silence. The pressure I felt for blogging about my Hawaii trip, News Orleans trip, birthday weekend of fun, Orlando trip, and two trips to Austin has prevented me from blogging earlier. That just made me sound shallow and high maintenance, which I promise I am not!!

Anyway...I just decided to throw out a random blog for everyone. Thanks to all of my faithful readers who have voiced the need for a new blog. I hope that I don't disappoint, and I will eventually blog about all of my recent fun trips and experiences (cross your fingers!).

Everytime I drive down the race car track to Austin (aka I-35), I see a Scholastic Book Fair building just south of Waco. I get this warm, fuzzy feeling everytime I think about book fairs. It is probably hard for all of my readers to believe, but I used to spend hours analyzing the book fair catalog. I think my mom would give me a set number of books that I was allowed to purchase, and it really stressed me out! Should I get the newest Where's Waldo? book or another book by Beverly Cleary? Now knowing my mother, she probably would have let me purchase any books I picked out because she really just wanted me to be excited about reading. She might have placed some restrictions if I had only chosen Where's Waldo? books or Clifford the Big Red Dog books since she wanted me to read quality books appropriate for my age. On a side note, why is Clifford always all over the book fair catalogs and signs? Back on track...thinking about book fairs just brought back fun memories of reading while I was growing up.

My mother got me to be passionate about reading after we read The Wizard of Oz together every night before bedtime when I was probably in the third grade. Todd was always the book worm in the family, and I preferred to watch game shows on USA during the summer. Don't I sound like a braniac?!? After we read that book together though, I was hooked on reading. I became the biggest fan of The Babysitter's Club book series. I even wrote the author, Ann M. Martin, a fan letter. I made sure that I was at the Waldenbooks in Westgate Mall the day that the newest book in the The Babysitter's Club series was on the shelf. I could read one of these books in a weekend. I always kind of cheated because I skipped the entire section of Ms. Martin telling the reader about the history of all of the babysitters in the series. That was a good 20 pages, and it was always the same in each book! I think I may need a blog post just on The Babysitter's Club series...the wheels are turning in my head about an awesome post!!

I really don't know where I am going with this blog post, but it has made me excited about reading again! I think I may even finish Twilight since I am the only woman in the United States who is stuck in the middle of it. Long story!! I am happy to be back to my blogging world!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So this is a tad bit late, but I wanted to give a shout out to my Mams! Her birthday was on Monday, and I hope that she had a wonderful day! This woman can work ANY sewing machine, pattern, or fabric. She can also work ANY kitchen gadget, ingredient, or recipe. And I must say she is getting pretty handy with a computer!!

I love ya more than my luggage (and I recently received some nice luggage from you and Dad for Christmas)!!


This picture isn't so great, but I had to go with the birthday theme...

I love this picture of Mams with Brennan. It pretty much sums up what a great mom and grandma she is!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Amarillo by Morning on Valentine's Day

I left for Amarillo bright and early on Valentine's Day. For some reason I really enjoy the drive to Amarillo. There is no big city to slow me down as I make my trek. I think I saw a meth deal occurring on the side of the road between Clarendon and Memphis. There were some shady looking people with several coolers. A little odd.

Anyway, when I arrived in Amarillo, Mom and I got to work on my apron. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and it hadn't been removed from the box. I was a little intimidated about getting started on this new sewing machine (or ANY sewing machine), so Mom set me up. The lady who cut my fabric at Jo-Ann's really inspired me to become a great seamstress. She highly recommended the sewing lessons offered at Jo-Ann's and was telling me about a teenage girl who was making her own prom dress. apron seemed like a formidable challenge to me!

Here are a few pics throughout the entire apron making process. I looked too bad that day so you won't see any pics of me!

PS...My next project is a leisure suit for jealous!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Red Headed Sweatshirt

This one will be quick and not very interesting, but at least I'm blogging! I had to come up with a catchy title (funny Adam Sandler song) although it is not exactly the sweatshirt that I am describing!

Ok...on my Thursday full of errands, I saw TWO (not just one, but TWO) ladies wearing an oversized EXPRESS sweatshirt from the early 90s. Did anyone else have a sweatshirt like this? Mine was hunter green and had the big "EXP" letters on the front made out of plaid material. People wore them with leggings and stirrup pants. It just made me chuckle that I saw one while I was at Northeast Mall and one while I was at Sam's.

Please tell me that someone else had a sweatshirt like this, or maybe it was just and Amarillo thing! I totally wish that I had a picture of one!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crazy Day Off (am I a Soccer Mom?!?)

My day off just started weird. I finally had everything set up to take my car into the body shop for repairs, so I headed there first. I waited quite awhile for the Enterprise people to show up, which frustrated me greatly. When I arrived to get my rental car, they handed me keys to a black Dodge Grand Caravan minivan! What in the world?!? That's all they had left. They stated that the ice storm last week caused so many wrecks that there is now a rental car shortage! I never realized how long a minivan is until getting to drive one today!

After picking up my Soccer Mom mobile (please don't be offended if you have a just isn't my ideal rental car), I headed off to Northeast Mall. I have been on a hot pursuit for cruise clothes, so shopping is my new hobby. I had a little bit of luck finding some fun clothes. I also needed some more foundation so I headed to the Clinique counter in Dillards. The makeup associated lured me into purchasing more makeup by asking me if I wanted to try a new eye color. I stated that I was looking for a fun new eye color, so I sat down for her to CHANGE my face. She went very dramatic with my eye and lip colors. I felt VERY made up and kept thinking that people were staring at me as I walked through the mall.

I then headed off to Sam's as I needed to get some food items for a bridal shower that I am helping with. My parents gave me Sam's Club membership gift certificate for Christmas, so I had to get my picture taken for my membership card. I was chuckling to myself that I got my makeup done just for my Sam's Club card picture. I look great on the card! I must say that it was nice to load all of my Sam's goodies into a roomy minivan. I felt like I needed to then rush off and pick up my 2 kids at soccer practice.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where did the last eight years go?!?

I didn't get to catch much of the inaugural festivities today due to work, but I had a flashback today of watching George W's inaugural events in 2001. I vividly remember Dad and I helping Todd move into his Austin apartment during that January 2001 weekend. I watched George W's Inaugural Parade from a blow-up mattress in Todd's new apartment. I began to think of how many major things have occurred in my life during the eight years that George W. was in office.

Here are the highlights (I hope I can remember everything!):

  • Todd and Candace got married
  • Graduated from Texas A&M
  • Moved back to Amarillo to start pharmacy school
  • My Grandma passed away
  • Brennan was born
  • Graduated from pharmacy school
  • Moved to San Antonio
  • My Grammie passed away
  • Completed a pharmacy practice with emphasis in geriatrics residency (praise Jesus!)...this should almost count for 5 years...I think it knocked 5 years off of my life!
  • Took job at Harris Methodist and moved to Fort Worth
  • Ella was born
  • Many weddings (including a cousin, many friends, and both of my college roomies!)
  • Several trips (Columbus, New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, Indianapolis, Anaheim, Playa del Carmen, Boone, Minneapolis, New Orleans)

It is amazing how fast eight years can go by, but a lot of wonderful things can happen in this quick time!

Thanks President Bush for all of the leadership and service you gave to our country. I pray that President Obama seeks wisdom from the Lord as you did.

The Whiskey Dent

So Saturday night turned out to be a little weird for me! Jessica and I headed downtown in my car to meet some other friends at Mi Cocina and then to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We chose to park in the parking garage close to Bass Hall and Barnes & Noble. As I was heading up the first ramp in the garage, I had to stop to let a Civic pull out. All of a sudden, Jessica and I felt a large bump and rock to the back of my NEW car!! Argh! A truck that was also backing up decided to hit the right rear and bumper of my NEW car!! The guy got out of his large truck and called the damage to my car a "whiskey dent." Anyone else heard of this phrase?!? I decided to Google this phrase because I wasn't sure if it is a dent caused by someone who had been drinking whiskey or if it is a dent caused by someone throwing a whiskey bottle at a car. It turns out that the phrase "whiskey dent" is actually in the Toby Keith song "You Already Love Me." Who would have ever known? There also is a folk band named the Whiskey Dents who play Irish and Americana music. Thanks Google!

I have included a picture for you! It isn't horrible, but the first boo-boo sure does hurt! I've only paid one car payment...what a bummer!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bring out another box of Kleenex...

I know I totally need to be in bed, but I usually can't go to sleep right away after working the evening shift. Anyway, I decided to watch yesterday's episode of The Biggest Loser. WOW...I needed a whole box of Kleenex for this episode. Did anyone else feel the same?!? The scene that got me the most was when 19 year old Daniel (heaviest contestant EVER on the show) struggled to climb up the mountain and all of his teammates came to help him. It was like I was watching the hospital scene in Terms of Endearment or the cemetery scene in Steel Magnolias. Please tell me that someone else out there feels the same way!!

I'm trying to figure out who I want to won this season. I'm definitely going with Daniel and Tara. Hopefully they won't backstab anyone so that I have to remove my allegiance to them!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Move it or Lose the Yogurt....

Does anyone else have trouble getting their yogurt at the grocery store? It never fails that by the time I make it to the yogurt section there is some slow poke trying to gingerly pick out their yogurt selection. I usually get everything else I need around this section and then head back to the vast yogurt wonderland. There is then usually ANOTHER slow poke trying to decide his/her yogurt flavors like it was as important as picking out a diamond ring or something! I eventually push my way through and grab all of my favorite yogurt flavors that I can get my paws on!!

My current faves (all Yoplait Light--yeah, yeah I'm supporting a French company, but I love the flavors!!):

-Strawberry (Thick and Creamy)
-Key Lime Pie (Thick and Creamy)
-Boston Cream Pie
-Lemon Cream Pie (do you see a theme?)
-Apple Turnover
-Orange Creme

I haven't seen any of the new flavors that have been recently advertised! That will just make more flavor choices for all of the yogurt slow pokes out there!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree (yeah I know it's kinda late!)

I realize that Christmas is over, but I really wanted to talk about the special ornaments in my life. I got inspired as I was taking my Christmas tree ornaments off the tree this year! My family always put every Christmas ornament my brother and I ever made on the tree. My mom never felt the need to be selective and have a theme for our Christmas tree. I am very grateful for this as I have several special ornaments that I always had to place on the tree. It would infuriate me if anyone else took the duty of placing these ornaments on the tree.

Here is a list of my special ornaments:

  • The pink elephant with sugar coated all over it! I now have inherited this ornament! It makes me think of my grandma, and that's why I love it! It really is quite ugly, but I LOVE it! Why does an elephant have sugar all over it?...because it CAN!
  • The 1980 "First Christmas" ornament with a cute little baby on it! The ornament has now frayed a little bit since it is 28 years old!
  • The mouse thumbprint wooden ornament from 1982. My thumbprint makes the head of the mouse. I am always amazed by how small my thumb was at the age of 2! Todd has an ornament just like it too!
  • The glass ornaments my grandpa brought back from Europe after World War II. My mom always tells me about them, but I can't tell you exactly what country they came from! Tells you how well I am listening...but I still love them!
  • The fan angel made out of purple ribbon. No exciting story behind this one...I just like it!!
  • The Peanuts ball ornament from the late 1980s. I always make sure that it is on an ornament spinner so that you can see all characters!!

I must also talk about the ornaments I hated placing on the tree:

  • All the crazy apple ornaments I received at church that had my name painted on with a paint pin as "Alicia." I have enough misspelled ornaments like this to start my own personal "Alicia" Christmas tree.
  • All the Star Trek ornaments that lit up and made noise. I hated having to take out the light bulb from the strand of lights and making sure that it worked properly!
  • Any Winnie the Pooh ornament. For some reason I am not digging Pooh on a Christmas tree.

So all of the special ornaments in my life prompted me to purchase engraved ornaments for my babies this year. Hopefully Brennan will look at his engraved manger scene ornament, and Ella will look at her engraved angel ornament, and make sure that Aunt Shishy is placed in a good nursing home!

Monday, January 5, 2009

I don't even know where to begin.....

So my sweet, faithful readers keep requesting an update on my blog, and I have finally complied. I apologize to everyone, but I just felt SO much pressure on having to blog about all of my recent adventures! I will hit the high points and those events that my special readers have requested!

Let's first start with the fun event of me buying a new car! The Saturn finally frustrated me into buying a new car. I went shopping by myself and then later took Dad back with me to seal the deal! I purchased a "Polished Metal Metallic" 2009 Honda Accord from Frank Kent Honda. Bob was a great salesman! I am a real life grown-up now!

Let's now move on to the great date I had with my sweet Kelsey. We promised each other last December that we would do everything possible to attend Michael W. Smith's Christmas concert, and we pulled it off lovely!! Kelsey and I both admit that we have a little crush on MWS even though he is a grandfather of two!! The Meyerson Symphony Center was just gorgeous, and we had such a lovely time. Excuse the fact that I look like a linebacker in my green jacket!!

Let's now move on to the fun I have experienced with my Travis friends. I don't even know where to begin... My social calendar has exploded due to these friends, and everyone can truly blame them for my lack of blogging!! We all had great fun at Bufkin's birthday party that ended at Simply Fondue and Sundance Square. It was then on to more great fun celebrating Julie's birthday at Campisi's, looking at Christmas lights in ritzy Highland Park, and eating my FIRST Sprinkles cupcake. The girls also had a dainty Christmas Tea at the Parson's Table in Aledo. Great fun!!

Let's now move on down to Christmas. I was SO happy to get to go home for Christmas this year. We had great fun with our Brennan and Ella! They are at such fun ages! Todd and Candace got a Wii from Mom and Dad, so we got great practice perfecting our bowling and tennis skills. I have included a picture of all of our Wii characters. My sweet family decided to give me "Sally Jessy Raphael" red glasses in honor of the glasses that I wore in the third grade. I got a new Rowenta iron (Professional grade), sewing machine, camera, and many great Fiesta pieces for Christmas! And why am I not married everyone asks?!? My family was WAY too generous to me this year! I'm open to suggestions on what I should sew first!

Let's now move on to me going to bed...this blog isn't that most exciting...but it is getting the ball rolling for me to document on more fun...I PROMISE!!