Tuesday, January 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree (yeah I know it's kinda late!)

I realize that Christmas is over, but I really wanted to talk about the special ornaments in my life. I got inspired as I was taking my Christmas tree ornaments off the tree this year! My family always put every Christmas ornament my brother and I ever made on the tree. My mom never felt the need to be selective and have a theme for our Christmas tree. I am very grateful for this as I have several special ornaments that I always had to place on the tree. It would infuriate me if anyone else took the duty of placing these ornaments on the tree.

Here is a list of my special ornaments:

  • The pink elephant with sugar coated all over it! I now have inherited this ornament! It makes me think of my grandma, and that's why I love it! It really is quite ugly, but I LOVE it! Why does an elephant have sugar all over it?...because it CAN!
  • The 1980 "First Christmas" ornament with a cute little baby on it! The ornament has now frayed a little bit since it is 28 years old!
  • The mouse thumbprint wooden ornament from 1982. My thumbprint makes the head of the mouse. I am always amazed by how small my thumb was at the age of 2! Todd has an ornament just like it too!
  • The glass ornaments my grandpa brought back from Europe after World War II. My mom always tells me about them, but I can't tell you exactly what country they came from! Tells you how well I am listening...but I still love them!
  • The fan angel made out of purple ribbon. No exciting story behind this one...I just like it!!
  • The Peanuts ball ornament from the late 1980s. I always make sure that it is on an ornament spinner so that you can see all characters!!

I must also talk about the ornaments I hated placing on the tree:

  • All the crazy apple ornaments I received at church that had my name painted on with a paint pin as "Alicia." I have enough misspelled ornaments like this to start my own personal "Alicia" Christmas tree.
  • All the Star Trek ornaments that lit up and made noise. I hated having to take out the light bulb from the strand of lights and making sure that it worked properly!
  • Any Winnie the Pooh ornament. For some reason I am not digging Pooh on a Christmas tree.

So all of the special ornaments in my life prompted me to purchase engraved ornaments for my babies this year. Hopefully Brennan will look at his engraved manger scene ornament, and Ella will look at her engraved angel ornament, and make sure that Aunt Shishy is placed in a good nursing home!


Emily said...

I am so proud to have 2 very special ornaments on my tree given to me by you!

I agree--Winnie the Pooh doesn't belong on any tree outside of the Disney Store.

Aunt Diane said...

Hey, I think I gave you that Winnie the Pooh ornament. What's with you and Christopher and the Pooh? He said no Pooh stuff for the baby. Guess what they got several presents with Pooh on them. They don't like any character outfits. Oh well.