Saturday, March 20, 2010

Butterfly in the Sky....

So I could think of a ton of butterfly quotes, but my absolute favorite is from You've Got Mail:

"Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today, I saw one. It got on at 42nd, and off at 59th, where, I assume it was going to Bloomingdales to buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake - as almost all hats are."
(See my big head post about the whole hat mistake....I concur!!)

I went with some of my sweet co-workers to see the Butterfly Exhibit at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. We had tons of fun! I had my pathetic camera while most people there had their professional type cameras. Their cameras made my little "point and shoot" digital camera look like a disposable camera, but enjoy the pictures!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Love My Parents

Just a random "love my parents" post!

I love my mom because she is the MOST selfless person I have ever met. She would fight my every enemy, obtain my every need, and fulfill my every dream if she could! I love you!

I love my dad because he knows how to cry. He is mad at me because he was "crying like a baby" on an airplane as he finished the book I bought him, Same Kind of Different as Me. I can't wait to sit in the movie theater with you as we watch this story on the big screen. I love you!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I hate Abuelo's...but not because of their food!

BLANKET STATEMENT: I love my mom so much, and this is not meant to make her feel's just actually pretty funny when I look back at it!

I have come to hate Abuelo's, but not because of their food...but because of the events that have occurred there with my mom's attempt to ignite my love life.

Abuelo's incident #1 (November 2004):

The incident begins at the start of my Thanksgiving break, and I was EXHAUSTED!! It was my third year of pharmacy school, and I was being killed by all the stress. I had planned just to go into a vegetative state that evening when my mom comes home and tells me that I am going to Abuelo's with my dad and her friend Shirley to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary. I kept telling my mother that my parents just needed to go by themselves for dinner since it was THEIR anniversary. That would just not do with my mom...she was being severely pushy....which she really isn't very often! Well it turns out that a single and wonderful (couldn't be so wonderful because he turned out to be a t-sip) medical student had been invited to attend this dinner too! I screamed....threw something (maybe a hairbrush)....called my brother to ask for his support....and stated (SCREAMED) that I was not going to dinner. My mom begged and pleaded because it would not be ANY fun for this medical student to show up and have dinner with just my parents and Shirley. I could just NOT win this situation!

Well after some time to calm down and a permanent scowl on my face, I got in the car headed to Abuelo's. The medical student walks in, and I am floored! I actually had been on the same internal medicine team as him during one of my rotations. This boy was not for me....he was a Zach Morris....when I am more looking more for a Screech (a non socially-awkward and kind Screech). I really heart nerdy, cute boys. Anyway....he was a pretty boy, and he drove a black Firebird....that should tell you enough right there! Let's just say that I never really saw that boy again. Can we say AWKWARD dinner?!?

Abuelo's incident #2 (November 2009):

So here is a typical conversation that occurs between my matchmaker mother (MMM) and any random boy's (typically from my past) matchmaker mother (BMM) in a shopping location in the city of Amarillo (ex: Sam's, Walmart, Target, United, or local nail salon)

MMM: Wow....(insert random single boy's name) is STILL single?

BMM: Yes!

MMM: Alisia is STILL single TOO!

BMM: (Insert random single boy's name) has a heartbeat!!

MMM: No way!!!...Alisia has a heartbeat TOO!

BMM: (Insert random single boy's name) lives in the United States!

MMM: You'll never believe this!!!....Alisia lives in the United States TOO!!

BMM: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

MMM: It's a PERFECT match!! When can we get them together?!? probably isn't that bad, and I may be a tad bit dramatic...but come on!!

So my mom ran into a sweet family friend from the past while they were both getting pedicures. These family friends used to live on the street over from us. Todd, nameless boy, and I walked to elementary school together every morning. We all then carpooled to middle school together. The nameless boy was always a sweet boy growing up, but we weren't as in touch with him when Todd and I entered high school and we moved to a new neighborhood.

So you got a little background now. Well when I was home for Thanksgiving this year, my parents decided to go to Abuelo's for dinner. I think I actually might have joked about the previous medical student incident that I described above. We were almost finished when all of the sudden walks in the WHOLE family from the past including nameless single boy. I get up and give nameless single boy a hug and we talk a little. His parents also come over and they talk to us for quite a bit. Everything was normal...nothing out of the ordinary. My parents then want to go over to their table and say goodbye and see nameless single boy's brother and his two children. I tell my parents to just go by themselves, but they were pretty insistent that I go over with them. We small talk a little more, and then we are on our way out. My parents actually invited random nameless boy over to our house to come visit Todd the next day, but it never worked out.

So let's fast forward to February 2010. I am sitting at lunch with my parents and friends....and it comes out that the reunion just described above was PLANNED....not by random chance!!! It was planned by my mom and his jaw almost hit the floor!! I was mortified....I could feel myself turning red as I remembered going over to the table of his ENTIRE family and saying howdy! Can we say AWKWARD again!! They probably ALL knew except for poor nameless single guy! This is where you can start feeling sorry for me. Nameless single guy is a great guy, but I have NO idea what made our mothers decide on this crazy plan! I wonder if he has any makes me completely embarassed!

I love my mom with all my heart, but some of the choices she has made to try to find me a husband have been a bit awkward! Just venting! Should I start writing a book yet?!?