Sunday, September 12, 2010

Preschool Brunch

I had a wonderful visit with my babies this weekend! This lucky aunt got to eat lunch at 10:50 AM with Brennan at his preschool. Those poor 4 year olds are basically eating brunch at that hour! Being the only adult at a table full of fifteen 4 year olds was a treat! Brennan and I sat across from Hannah and Julia who provided much comic relief for me. Hannah, I have decided, is Brennan's future wife. She passed the kind eye test, was wearing a lovely blue dress, and is hilarious. Hannah had the perfect combination of smarts and grace. She wanted to let me know that the fruit painted on the wall was a pomegranate and pointed to every item in her lunch as "healthy" or "not healthy." She did quite well until she got to her Hostess cupcake and just decided not to name its "health factor."

We then all had a great discussion on pickles! Poor Julia had quite an unfortunate lunch. I'm thinking that her daddy packed it for her as strawberries were sitting directly on her pickles in her lunch container. Hannah proceeded to let the whole table know that she hates pickles. Her sister, mom, and dad like pickles, but she thinks that they smell bad. One time her dad ate a pickle in her bedroom and she made him get out!! What a fun time I had listening to her stories!

So as I was eating lunch, I was looking out for a little boy named Will. Brennan told me before he left for school that morning that Will in his class said that "Lightning McQueen was for babies" after seeing Lightning McQueen on Brennan's lunch box. I'm trying to give Will the benefit of the doubt and think that he has a mean older brother who has told him the same thing...but he's treading on thin ice with this auntie. I actually pegged a poor little boy wearing a Texas Longhorns shirt as being Will, but his name was actually Trevor. I felt bad for giving Trevor the evil eye!

I know that we have to let our babies grow up, but I pray so hard that my sweet Brennan and Ella will have minimal meanness and teasing in their lives. This aunt can't handle anymore sad stories right now!