Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Hitched in the Big Easy

WOW...I had such a blast at Amanda and Kent's wedding weekend in New Orleans!! Let's see if I can give you a fun account of the Big Day and all of the events that led up to the Big Day.

Mom and I left on a jet plane on Thursday night, and I think Dad was a little frightened that we had no clue of what we were doing. He insisted on getting us to the airport ~2 hours early. Needless to say, we had PLENTY of time to get through security as well as catch dinner at Chili's inside the DFW Airport. I think that I navigated well in our rental car, and we made it to Slidell quickly.

On Friday morning, Mom, Emily, and I headed out to the Pfeffers' house for the bridesmaid luncheon. It was so good to get to visit with Amanda's family and get to know Kent's mom, sister, and nieces better. Amanda's grandomther is so precious, and I decided I wanted to put her in my pocket and bring her home with me! She is welcome to come sit on my "davenport" anytime!! Amanda's mom was so calm throughout the entire wedding weekend. They had all of their plans finalized way before we all arrived!!

Amanda, Emily, Sandy, and I then headed out to get out nails "did." We had a relaxing time, and I got one of the best compliments ever from my nail guy. He told me that I had very "soft feet!" Crazy stuff...he made my day!

The rehearsal went off without a hitch! We all then headed over to Palmettos on the Bayou for the Rehearsal Dinner. It was SO yummy, and the Morgans were wonderful hosts to all of us!

We had one more event on Friday...the Lingerie Shower! Poor Amanda must have been exhausted by the end of the day! Emily and Brad graciously let us have it in their hotel suite. Thanks so much Mr. Brad Gentry for leaving and wandering around Slidell for 2 hours while we had a great time! I had emailed Kent several questions about Amanda to see if he would get the answers right. We had a great time laughing about the questions and answers during the shower! He did a great job except that Amanda wears a size 8 shoe instead of 9! Notice the cute petit fours with an "M" on them! The "M" was in honor of Amanda's new last name, Morgan!!

Emily and I headed over to the Pfeffers' house bright and early to get our hair and makeup done. It was so fun to all get "beautified" together. I really liked my hair for the wedding! Mom called it "Samantha Who" hair as I had a lot of curly ringlets! Amanda and her mom remained VERY calm when they found out that the photographer was violently ill and was sending some other people to photograph the wedding. It all worked out perfect!!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful! I managed to make it down the aisle without tripping in my 3 and 3/4 inch heels! I couldn't exactly feel my right toes after the wedding and reception though!

Everyone headed to Southern Oaks Plantation for a GORGEOUS reception. We all waited outside for the limo to arrive so that a Dixieland Band could lead them into the reception!! It was so neat to watch! We took awesome pictures around the beautiful plantation house and then the eating festivities began! Mom had already gorged on the 70 different types of heavy hors d'oeuvres by the time I got to sit down. Amanda and Kent performed a beautiful first dance, and they truly should be on Dancing with the Stars. The groom's cake included a picture of Andy Griffith, Barney, Opie, and Gomer. Kent is so awesome for his love for the Andy Griffith Show!! Everyone should be extremely proud of me as I gave the wedding toast and was not completely terrified. All of the bridesmaids and flower girls got to pull a cake charm, and I ended up with the airplane. I think that means that I will travel!! At least Amanda was kind enough not to put in a thimble cake charm that symbolizes being an old maid forever!!

The entire day was absolutely beautiful and classy! I hope that Amanda and Kent finally made it to St. Lucia after having an unplanned extra night in Miami!! May God continue to bless both of your lives as you begin this marriage!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well tonight I got all artsy and went to see Stomp at Bass Hall. It was my second time to enter Bass Hall, and I was amazed again by how beautiful this building is!! I wish I could have gotten a picture inside the performing hall, but I was afraid of the ushers yelling at me! Stomp was really awesome to watch, and it was amazing how much the performers could express without having to say a word. I have included pictures from the entrace to Bass Hall and at Barnes and Noble after the show.

I should be studying my ACLS algorithms for the long class I will sit through at work on Thursday! I totally have no clue how to read an EKG! I felt the need to google "EKGs for dummies" and have found an awesome site called Everyone should check it out at their leisure!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Aggieland Saturday

I got talked into going to the A&M/OU game a long time ago by my co-worker, Eric. After the fun this football season, I probably should have reconsidered this game choice. It was fun to go down for an Aggieland Saturday though! The Aggies tried their hardest, but again we ran out of time!

I caught a ride down to College Station with Scott. We met Eric and Melanie at Rudy's for lunch, and then we headed to the game. Our seats were unfortunately close to many OU fans and were VERY close to the OU band. If I hear Boomer Sooner one more time, I may have to take a fork and gauge my eyes out!

Here are some highlights from the trip:

1. While sitting at the intersection of Wellborn and George Bush, Scott and I saw the old man who hangs horizontally from the street sign. Old Ags, give me a shout out if you remember this crazy old man! He wears super short shorts! I tried to get a picture, but it didn't turn out!

2. I teared up when I saw the A&M band perform as they announced it was the last home game for the seniors. For some reason it struck me and made me emotional! It kinda made me want to pick up my flute and be in band again!

3. I felt sorry for the OU band as their own fans said bad things about them. It made me think of my band nerd days and not always feeling appreciated!

4. I think I have truly moved on from certain things in my life because as the A&M/OU game commenced this year it didn't bring up certain memories that should be in the past!

5. It has been 10 years since the first Maroon Out Game against Nebraska. Manda...remember getting pooped on by the bird!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Love the 80s

I had a great time at the totally awesome 80s party! Who knew it would take almost an entire can of hairspray to get my perfect 80s hairdo! I kinda enjoyed my big hair for the evening, and I was really digging the blue eye shadow everyone was wearing!! I hope you enjoy the pictures!!

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

From Diary of a Red-Headed Pharmacist

Friday, October 24, 2008

Totally 80s

So I have been invited to a Halloween Party tomorrow night with the fun theme of the 80s. As I have been constructing my fun 80s outfit, I have ventured into some interesting places. Last week I went into a new accesories store at Hulen Mall to buy some huge hoop yellow earrings and leg warmers! We'll just say that there was nothing in this store that I would actually wear with a normal outfit. The girl behind the counter told me to make sure and tell all my friends about this store. I didn't have the heart to tell her that I would be wearing the items I purchased to a Halloween Party. I returned to the store today to purchase one more item for my outfit, and the girl remembered me! It made me realize that I really stick out in a crazy accessory store!

I also purchased a horribly bright 80s sweater at Goodwill today. The lady checking me out decided to have a discussion with me about how beautiful the sweater was and how versatile it truly was!! I again didn't have the heart to tell her that I was wearing it as a costume to a Halloween Party. I just nodded and agreed that I could wear it with jeans, pants, or EVEN a neon green skirt!! I will post pictures soon from this fun event! And Mom, I promise that I washed the Goodwill sweater on hot and used need to freak that I will get cooties from someone else!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Car Blood Bath, Tears of Frustration, Family Time, Tears of Happiness, Aggie Football, Tears of Disappointment, Family Leaves, Tears of Separation

It has been a crazy couple of days, so I guess I should document them for posterity!!

It all began on Thursday morning when I went to start my car at 6:30 AM, and it decided that it didn't want to go in reverse. My car actually didn't want to go in any direction at this point. I decided to get out of my car where I heard liquid gushing heavily from some part of my sick car. Thirty seconds later my garage looked like a murder scene. The six paper towels just weren't doing the trick to sop up the crazy red transmission fluid mess that was on my garage floor. The most frustrating part of this whole ordeal is that my car had just been repaired at the dealership two days before the blood bath scene occurred. This is why the frustrated tears began to flow...

I quickly called work and told them that I would probably be about 1-2 hours late because I was going to have to get my car towed to the dealership. This made me feel completely awful as work has been chaos due to the recent change to a new computer system. There are great stories from this to be saved for a later post!! Anyway, it was 6:30 AM in the morning, and I decided to use my AAA for a tow. AAA quoted me 45 minutes for a tow truck. I sat feeling sick to my stomach for 50 minutes and there was still NO tow truck. I called AAA back who told me that the tow truck driver could not get in my apartment gate (which I know is broken, so it's open!!) and could not get a hold of me (had wrong phone number!!). They then tell me they must dispatch the tow truck again, and it will be ANOTHER 45 minutes. I am getting panicky at this point as I am picturing even more chaos at work due to being one person down! Tears continue to flow as I wait and keep calling the dealership who supposedly opens at 7 AM, but still no one is answering the phone at 7:45 AM. Finally my mother talked some sense into me and told me to call someone for a ride and just leave the car sitting in the garage. The wonderful part of the story is that my parents were coming to visit me on Thursday afternoon. She told me that they would arrange for the tow truck to come when they got into town. I felt bad to be calling my friend and co-worker, Tina, to take me to work, but she quickly rescued me and I was at work about 1 hour and 15 minutes late! My parents got my car towed, and the dealership is STILL working on fixing my transmission.

I cried when Dad picked me up from work (more tears). I was just SO happy to see my parents! We went to eat at Texas de Brazil and had a wonderful Thursday night together. How do my parents always make everything better!!??!! After eating we went by the Toyota and Honda dealerships to just do some window shopping. It was great fun, but I don't know what I'm going to do once my car is fixed.

Mom, Dad, Kelsey, and I headed down to Austin on Friday morning to stay with Todd, Candace, and the babies. We had a wonderful time visting with them and seeing their new house. Their decorations are perfect...they have been working SO hard. Dad, Todd, Candace, Kelsey, and I went to the A&M/K State game on Saturday. Sweet Grandma stayed home with Brennan and Ella who had a wonderful time with their Grandma. The game brought tears of disappointment for all Aggie fans, but it was great to get to College Station. There is always next year...

Mom and Dad drove me home today, and I was really dreading having to say goodbye to them. I haven't cried in a long time during our goodbyes, but for some reason I cried today. I think it was a combination of stress at work, car problems, and just plain missing them TONS. I haven't been to the A-town since Mother's Day and probably won't get to go home until maybe Christmas (if that is where we do Christmas this year!). I appreciate my parents so much for all they have done for me and how much they love me, and I am not embarassed to admit that I do miss them TONS!!

Thanks for riding along with me on my weekend's emotional roller coaster....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

College Gameday Makes me Emotional!!

No, it wasn't Lee Corso stating that the Aggies are no good that made me emotional. It was another heart warming story about a college football player and his family! I think I tear up every chance I get to see this show! I also tear up because I miss fall in Amarillo and watching football with Dad. He always has colorful commentary for every game!!!!!

I will now let you take a look at my favorite man on College Gameday. I have a special place in my heart for cutie Kirk Herbstreit since he is a Buckeye!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So I think I need to head to the nearest Walgreens or CVS for the product shown above! The answer for why I need such a random product should be evident after you read my story below!

I usually don't have trouble going to sleep with the BLARING tv one floor below me, but for some reason I just couldn't do it last night. Every night I usually fall asleep easily to the interviews that Jay Leno is conducting on the Tonight Show. I always know Jay Leno's guests without ever having to turn on my own tv. FYI: I think Charlize Theron was on last night. Most people would have a rational discussion with their neighbor about the excessive volume on their tv, but I just can't do it. The biggest reason I can't do this is that the tv belongs to my neighbor, Vivian. Ms. Vivian is an 80 year old woman with beautiful soft, white hair who drives a very sha-sha white Jaguar. She is sweet as can be, but also deaf as can be!! I think she falls asleep to the Tonight Show every night even though the volume is blaring. The most frustrating part of it all is that sometimes I will think she has gone to bed because it suddenly becomes dead silent, but then 30 seconds later the tv comes back on at full blast! I decided that her neighbor on the other side must have placed a Clapper on her tv. When they think she has fallen asleep, they clap hard and miraculously the tv turns off!! I can't take credit for this Clapper idea as I saw it in the hilarious movie Duplex. I guess Ms. Vivian will never be as bad as the little old lady in that movie!

And if for some reason Ms. Vivian reads my blog, I am sorry for any disrespect. I love your soft, white hair, and I totally want the same kind of hair when I get old!! I'm still off to buy that Clapper though!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Fair Time!!

So I have not been to the fair in years, but I was so sad that I did not get to go to the State Fair of Texas last year! I have actually never been to the State Fair, so it bummed me out to live so close and not get to go!! My family figured out that Texans took their fairs seriously when we moved to Amarillo and got a day off of school for "Fair Day!" Crazy stuff!! We usually did not attend the Tri-State Fair, but I always loved when it arrived in Amarillo because it meant that the weather was getting perfect!!

So Big Tex, I will be seeing you sometime within the next month....even if I have to go to the State Fair by myself!!