Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well tonight I got all artsy and went to see Stomp at Bass Hall. It was my second time to enter Bass Hall, and I was amazed again by how beautiful this building is!! I wish I could have gotten a picture inside the performing hall, but I was afraid of the ushers yelling at me! Stomp was really awesome to watch, and it was amazing how much the performers could express without having to say a word. I have included pictures from the entrace to Bass Hall and at Barnes and Noble after the show.

I should be studying my ACLS algorithms for the long class I will sit through at work on Thursday! I totally have no clue how to read an EKG! I felt the need to google "EKGs for dummies" and have found an awesome site called TheMedStud.com. Everyone should check it out at their leisure!!

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Jessica said...

seriously? you posted the last one of scott and me?! even you admitted that it was atrocious...

i'll get you back! :)