Monday, January 5, 2009

I don't even know where to begin.....

So my sweet, faithful readers keep requesting an update on my blog, and I have finally complied. I apologize to everyone, but I just felt SO much pressure on having to blog about all of my recent adventures! I will hit the high points and those events that my special readers have requested!

Let's first start with the fun event of me buying a new car! The Saturn finally frustrated me into buying a new car. I went shopping by myself and then later took Dad back with me to seal the deal! I purchased a "Polished Metal Metallic" 2009 Honda Accord from Frank Kent Honda. Bob was a great salesman! I am a real life grown-up now!

Let's now move on to the great date I had with my sweet Kelsey. We promised each other last December that we would do everything possible to attend Michael W. Smith's Christmas concert, and we pulled it off lovely!! Kelsey and I both admit that we have a little crush on MWS even though he is a grandfather of two!! The Meyerson Symphony Center was just gorgeous, and we had such a lovely time. Excuse the fact that I look like a linebacker in my green jacket!!

Let's now move on to the fun I have experienced with my Travis friends. I don't even know where to begin... My social calendar has exploded due to these friends, and everyone can truly blame them for my lack of blogging!! We all had great fun at Bufkin's birthday party that ended at Simply Fondue and Sundance Square. It was then on to more great fun celebrating Julie's birthday at Campisi's, looking at Christmas lights in ritzy Highland Park, and eating my FIRST Sprinkles cupcake. The girls also had a dainty Christmas Tea at the Parson's Table in Aledo. Great fun!!

Let's now move on down to Christmas. I was SO happy to get to go home for Christmas this year. We had great fun with our Brennan and Ella! They are at such fun ages! Todd and Candace got a Wii from Mom and Dad, so we got great practice perfecting our bowling and tennis skills. I have included a picture of all of our Wii characters. My sweet family decided to give me "Sally Jessy Raphael" red glasses in honor of the glasses that I wore in the third grade. I got a new Rowenta iron (Professional grade), sewing machine, camera, and many great Fiesta pieces for Christmas! And why am I not married everyone asks?!? My family was WAY too generous to me this year! I'm open to suggestions on what I should sew first!

Let's now move on to me going to bed...this blog isn't that most exciting...but it is getting the ball rolling for me to document on more fun...I PROMISE!!

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