Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where did the last eight years go?!?

I didn't get to catch much of the inaugural festivities today due to work, but I had a flashback today of watching George W's inaugural events in 2001. I vividly remember Dad and I helping Todd move into his Austin apartment during that January 2001 weekend. I watched George W's Inaugural Parade from a blow-up mattress in Todd's new apartment. I began to think of how many major things have occurred in my life during the eight years that George W. was in office.

Here are the highlights (I hope I can remember everything!):

  • Todd and Candace got married
  • Graduated from Texas A&M
  • Moved back to Amarillo to start pharmacy school
  • My Grandma passed away
  • Brennan was born
  • Graduated from pharmacy school
  • Moved to San Antonio
  • My Grammie passed away
  • Completed a pharmacy practice with emphasis in geriatrics residency (praise Jesus!)...this should almost count for 5 years...I think it knocked 5 years off of my life!
  • Took job at Harris Methodist and moved to Fort Worth
  • Ella was born
  • Many weddings (including a cousin, many friends, and both of my college roomies!)
  • Several trips (Columbus, New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, Indianapolis, Anaheim, Playa del Carmen, Boone, Minneapolis, New Orleans)

It is amazing how fast eight years can go by, but a lot of wonderful things can happen in this quick time!

Thanks President Bush for all of the leadership and service you gave to our country. I pray that President Obama seeks wisdom from the Lord as you did.

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