Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Whiskey Dent

So Saturday night turned out to be a little weird for me! Jessica and I headed downtown in my car to meet some other friends at Mi Cocina and then to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. We chose to park in the parking garage close to Bass Hall and Barnes & Noble. As I was heading up the first ramp in the garage, I had to stop to let a Civic pull out. All of a sudden, Jessica and I felt a large bump and rock to the back of my NEW car!! Argh! A truck that was also backing up decided to hit the right rear and bumper of my NEW car!! The guy got out of his large truck and called the damage to my car a "whiskey dent." Anyone else heard of this phrase?!? I decided to Google this phrase because I wasn't sure if it is a dent caused by someone who had been drinking whiskey or if it is a dent caused by someone throwing a whiskey bottle at a car. It turns out that the phrase "whiskey dent" is actually in the Toby Keith song "You Already Love Me." Who would have ever known? There also is a folk band named the Whiskey Dents who play Irish and Americana music. Thanks Google!

I have included a picture for you! It isn't horrible, but the first boo-boo sure does hurt! I've only paid one car payment...what a bummer!!

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Aunt Diane said...

Poor baby. I can't believe it. Did I tell you that Cheree' ran off the road coming towards my house in a snow drift and scratched up her car after only about 3 wks of ownership. Jacob kept saying 'I can't believe this has happened to me'

This red neck must have been drunk. What an idiot.