Monday, November 9, 2009

Is This the Way to Amarillo?!?

So I will be returning to my hometown soon! I just realized that I haven't been to Amarillo since February (see apron blog), and I haven't seen my mom since June. That just may be a record for me...not something I need to repeat though!

A few years ago, I remember hearing that a song about Amarillo was on the top of the music charts in England. Tony Christie did such a wonderful job with the song "Is This the Way to Amarillo" that it topped the English music charts in 1971 AND 2002! I think it may have resurged in popularity purely due to its exciting topic of Amarillo. Can you imagine what people in England think about Amarillo? It sounds like quite a sexy location...I mean....sweet Marie...who waits for me!

Many folks like to spoof the original Tony Christie video. I have attached a You Tube video for your pleasure of this awesome song! It is of the Royal Dragoon Guards who were serving in Iraq at the time!

Hopefully I will remember the path to Amarillo! I don't think that there will be a sweet Marie waiting for me, but a Steve, Vicki, and Sandie will do just fine!

I guess I will have to hug my pillow a little longer...dreaming dreams of Amarillo...sha la la la la la la la!!

Oh...and George Straight may now have some competition for my favorite hometown song...

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