Monday, November 2, 2009

The In-The-Trenches-With-You Friend

I apologize for my blog hiatus and being late with these posts about my dear friends! That horrible BCPS test took all the power out of my brain for awhile!

HAPPY (BELATED) BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "In-The-Trenches-With-You Friend!" I met you during my pharmacy school interview. We can definitely call that a "day at war!" You sat next to me in the huge lecture hall during that horrible interview day, and I knew instantly that there was something special about you! I think we kept each other sane on that day! You were already encouraging me, and I didn't even now you! I knew that we had to be friends since our names are almost exactly the're just missing an important "I!!"

Little did I know that we would soon be spending FOUR LONG YEARS together! They weren't long because it was with you...they were LONG because we were getting our butts kicked in the trenches of pharmacy school! Actually...they weren't long at all...the time flew by, and we didn't even have time to sleep! We of course sat next to each other during the entire first year of pharmacy school. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do as no one could figure out how to say your name or my name! I kinda wished that Dr. Weidanz had gotten our names confused for Immunology because I truly could have used your awesome grades!

You amazed me by how fast you jumped into being a leader for all of our pharmacy organizations! Your many activities encouraged me to dive right into the trenches of the organizations with you! I never knew how you held all of those leadership positions and worked so much at Walmart pharmacy during those years. You probably still haven't caught up on all your sleep deprivation!!

Now that we are many miles apart from each other, we rely on the phone and funny emails to keep in touch! Oh and by the way...why did you move to Arizona?!? know it's hot there...HAHA!! I love it when I get off work and have one of your crazy LONG messages on my voicemail! I miss your laugh! I miss your teasing! I will always treasure our roadtrip around Minnesota for Julie's wedding. Only you would allow me to see go to Walnut Grove and see the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

We shed many tears and shared many laughs during our journeys to become pharmacists. I truly am proud to call you my friend as you are a wonderful pharmacist! I know that your customers love you, and I can just picture how patient and helpful you are to your elderly patients! You truly are living the "Oath of a Pharmacist." Thanks for making my pharmacy school journey so would have been miserable without you!

Here's a toast to staying out of the trenches!! But if you end up in another trench, I've got your back!!

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