Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Always Positive Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "Always Positive" friend!! You turned a special number this year, and I am glad that you will pave the way for me to understand the decade that begins with a 3!!!

I met you over a dead dog. That's right...a DEAD DOG named Pudge. I praise the Lord that our last names both begin with "BA" because I don't think I could have made it through Anatomy without you!! Our group was made up of Matt (now a veterinarian), Lauren (now a dentist), you (now an AWESOME nurse), and me (now a pharmacist). We did Dr. Ruoff proud....even though I was terrified of her! The dog that we ended up with was definitely the fattest dog in our section (hence the name Pudge). I remember that they never wanted to use good old Pudge during the lab practicals...I wonder why...maybe it was his nasty smell?!?

Anyway...enough about the dog...I knew the minute I saw your smile and experienced your kind spirit that you were a Christian. I had actually prayed for my Anatomy group the entire summer before we started the class because I knew that we would be spending so much time together, and I was VERY nervous about Anatomy for some reason. God totally blessed my socks off by allowing me to have you in my group and then become my dear friend! We struggled through Anatomy together while our lab partner, Lauren, made a 100 on every practical...she was super sweet though!

I was quickly blown away by your serving heart and your huge volunteer work with Breakaway. I remember studying with you in the West Campus Library and dropping everything on a Tuesday night to head to Reed Arena for Breakaway. It was always a much needed break, and our outlook on Anatomy always seemed a bit different after hearing Gregg Matte preach! I am so proud of the work you did for Breakaway as an intern after we finished with A&M. It is such a small world that you became so close to my dear friend, Kelsey, during your intern year at Breakaway. That college ministry was truly blessed to have you and your beautiful smile!

Anatomy wasn't our only classroom adventure together at A&M. We actually randomly signed up for the same Beginning Tennis class. That blows my mind since there were a ton of Beginning Tennis sections to choose from. The Lord totally knew that I needed you in my life. We then proceeded to take Venture Dynamics together. I might have been more cautious about signing up with you for a class that involved ropes and heights after seeing your wonderful falling record (over completely random items)!

It's crazy to think that we ended up living right across from each other in San Antonio four years after graduating from A&M. I am so glad that I chose your apartment complex to reside in, and it blows my mind that I lived in a building directly across from your apartment. My residency year was SO crazy that I'm not sure if I would have made it without your positive, kind words everyday when I wanted to break down crying. You were always there to listen about a bad day and to calm my continual fears about my residency. We had great stress release times of watching "Strong Bad" and listening to "Real Mean of Genius" commericals together. It killed me when you left San Antonio in December of that year (darn graduation from nursing school!).

I am SO proud of the nurse that you have become...a fat, smoking, lazy nurse that is...HAHA...just kidding!!! I know that you are a ray of sunshine for every patient that you encounter. You have such a caring, serving, and Godly heart. I am so thankful God called you to be a nurse.

I had the time of my life on our adventure to the Aloha state in February/March of this year! What a trip of a lifetime, and it was so wonderful to get to experience it with you. Your laid back nature makes you a wonderful travel buddy, and I love that you can find humor in anything! We definitely make perfect travel buddies after both falling asleep on the Road to Hana (leave it to us)!

I continue to thank my God for you and your friendship! May you have a wonderful start to the decade that begins with a 3!!

My advice to you during your the words of Pauline (our tour guide).."Always go to the loo-a before looking at the nature!"

Hawaii trip

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