Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Gentle Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my gentle friend! I actually have not officially sent your birthday card (only almost 2 weeks late!!) because I am having some issues getting stamps in the city of Fort Worth...excuses...excuses! Back on track...I am honored to call you my gentle friend, and I am honored to be blood related to you!

I don't know if I can pinpoint the first memory I have of you because you are in so many of my childhood memories! You are my cousin who is six years older than me. You had every excuse and opportunity to ignore me due to our age difference, but you were always so kind to me growing up. I remember how you would take the time to play with me even though I am sure it probably wasn't the most fun activity for you! Boy was I thankful that you paid attention to me!! I unfortunately was closer in age to Todd and Christopher, but as we know, they are crazy!!!

I thought of you as my big sister! I loved it when we had matching outfits! I think we had matching outfits when we went to Disney World together in 1986!! We probably even wore the same size...haha!! You are the skinny bean pole, and I am the chunky monkey!

I unfortunately have one sad memory of you in my past. That sad memory occurred the night before my family moved from Pataskala to Amarillo. I remember that your entire family came over, and you came into my room and we sat on all the large boxes that held my treasures. Little did I know at that young age how different my life would be in Texas. I often wonder what my life would have been like if my family had stayed in Ohio. On to a happier note...

You were always the sweet cousin who let me share your bed whenever we came back to Ohio. I always thought that your water bed was the coolest thing ever! I have fond memories of spending summers with you in Ohio. You got me addicted to One Life to Live and General Hospital. I thought that your life was so glamorous because you could drive, and you read long books for PLEASURE...not for school!

Your personality is so wonderful! You are such a gentle, positive, and fun-loving person. I love your laugh and how you laugh at my stupid comments and jokes! It has been fun to watch you become a mother. What a great job that you have done with sweet Jacob! He has inherited you sweet personality.

I thank God for placing you in my family. What a blessing you are to gentle friend!

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Aunt Diane said...

too sweet that is you.