Sunday, December 6, 2009

The "Phone a Friend" Friend

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a friend that I am blessed to call my "Phone a Friend" friend! I have only known you for about 1.5 years, but it feels like we have been kindred spirits forever! You would roll your eyes at me for calling us kindred spirits, but we must be like Anne of Green Gables since we both have red hair!!

My first memory of you involves Bennigan's on Hulen Street. It is such a tragedy that they tore that building down...the memories! I remember sitting at a table in Bennigan's after Sunday School and not having a soul to talk to! You were sitting a few people away from me, so I decided to say something that probably scared you away from being my friend! I decided to tell my section of the table all about my plans on traveling to North Carolina and the opportunity to visit Mount Airy where Andy Griffith grew up! Little did I know that you probably thought I was the weirdest girl in the world! A few weeks later, I remember coming into church late and asking if anyone was sitting next to you, and you were very welcoming to me! You must have forgotten the Andy Griffith comment! We got to chat a little bit as we walked across the street to Sunday School. Little did I know that you would soon be my very dear friend and my personal "Phone a Friend" with any information that I could ever want!

We then reunited at Julie and Lee's Memorial Day party. I think we both grabbed on to each other because we were the newbies to the group and a little intimidated. We had great conversation at the party! A few days later we ended up going to Cantina Laredo where we truly began our friendship! It was then that I knew you would HAVE to be my kindred spirit...your blog was too awesome to pass up such a friendship!

You are the most creative person that I know! I would love to be a fly on the wall in one of your English or Yearbook classes. I know that your students love you and are so blessed by you as their teacher! You constantly blow me away with your knowledge of what seems to be basically EVERYTHING!! If I was on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and was asked by Regis (or Meredith Vieira) "Which president had a middle name that started with a 'Z'?" or "What was Flo Rida's first single?," you would totally have my back! You will always be my "Phone a Friend!" I think that I probably should have just phoned you to ask the correct punctuation for that last sentence....too many quotation marks I'm afraid!!

You are a hoot to travel with!! You are a hoot to people watch with!! You are a hoot to laugh with (especially when the "silent inhale" laugh occurs)!! I truly can't imagine any activity that you wouldn't make fun!!

Your walk with the Lord also AMAZES me!! The path that you have paved in your Christian walk is a pretty impressive resume and witness (I picture you hitting me hard in the arm now!). Your wise words and biblical knowledge blow me out of the water. You are the coolest seminary graduate that I have ever met!! Your knowledge and wisdom challenges me to strengthen my relationship with the Lord.

I hope that you have a wonderful "Jesus Year" since it is your 33rd year of life! I am so blessed by your friendship!! In the words of "your people" in Louisiana and Steel Magnolias, "You worship the quicksand I walk on!!" Love you!!

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Jessica said...

this phone-a-friend sounds like good people to me... ;)

seriously, how in the world could any one person live up to that description. maybe i need to use some profanity on your blog or something so that i look a little more human!

thank you for ALL you did to make my birthday incredibly special. i love you more than my luggage (and we know that's saying a lot!).