Thursday, August 13, 2009

"I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life"

So I heard this song by Green Day tonight and it got the squeaky wheels in my brain turning. I have had writer's block recently due to the pressure of blogging about my Ohio trip, which I SERIOUSLY need to do, but let's go with this thought for now!! I love you Ohio relatives!!

This song by Green Day makes me think of happy times at the end of my high school career and just puts me in the mood to reminisce about my times growing up in A-town. I began thinking how romantic it sometimes seems about the possibility of moving back to A-town and falling in love with a local or even someone from my past. This crazy notion is probably due to my love for the now cancelled TV show "Ed" and the few times I saw the TV show "October Road." These shows seem so glamorous to me because the show's main character was at a crossroads in his life and picks up everything from his exciting life in the big city and moves back to his hometown to all the people he left behind. the people I left behind are basically my parents and my cat, Sandie...not so glamorous for me!! I unfortunately don't have a cool group of pretty, single friends back in A-town, nor does one of my friends own a restaurant/bar where I could find the love of my life. So maybe I need to be like "Ed" (the "Bowling Alley Lawyer"), and open a pharmacy in a bowling alley. I do possess my own bowling shoes and my dad does have his own bowling ball.... Maybe one of my customers will be a blast from my past AND the love of my life...haha!!! I also dream of having a smoke-free bowling alley where I counsel everyone on smoking cessation and hand out nicotine patches like they were candy!!!

I digress... So I actually guess I did get the chance to move back to my hometown after college when I attended pharmacy school in A-town, but I definitely wouldn't call it an "Ed" experience. I did reunite and date a childhood friend, but he then proceeded to be a complete jerkface and break my heart just a tad. I guess I just should have bought a bowling alley, and it might have worked out!! The bowling shoes just weren't enough?!? I digress AGAIN...

So now on to my serious point...I have been convicted lately about not being content with where my life is RIGHT NOW. I either keep thinking about the great times of my life in the past or wanting great times to happen for me in the future. Why are we wired like that?!? Why am I complaining and not feeling satisfied when I have a God who is giving me constant grace and is in control over EVERYTHING in my life. I pray that God will keep teaching me to be content with everyday, and that I will learn that it is through Christ that I get my strength and sustenance.

Philippians 3:13-14

"Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

PS...For all my 2 readers from Fort Worth, I am in NO way planning to leave Fort Worth anytime soon...I just dream about weird things...that's why I should probably have an anonymous blog!!!

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