Monday, February 16, 2009

Amarillo by Morning on Valentine's Day

I left for Amarillo bright and early on Valentine's Day. For some reason I really enjoy the drive to Amarillo. There is no big city to slow me down as I make my trek. I think I saw a meth deal occurring on the side of the road between Clarendon and Memphis. There were some shady looking people with several coolers. A little odd.

Anyway, when I arrived in Amarillo, Mom and I got to work on my apron. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, and it hadn't been removed from the box. I was a little intimidated about getting started on this new sewing machine (or ANY sewing machine), so Mom set me up. The lady who cut my fabric at Jo-Ann's really inspired me to become a great seamstress. She highly recommended the sewing lessons offered at Jo-Ann's and was telling me about a teenage girl who was making her own prom dress. apron seemed like a formidable challenge to me!

Here are a few pics throughout the entire apron making process. I looked too bad that day so you won't see any pics of me!

PS...My next project is a leisure suit for jealous!

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