Monday, June 30, 2008

Big Bird Does the Jitterbug

This is a really random post, but I thought it might be thought provoking!

I don't usually pay attention to commercials, but I was comatose one night after work and was glued to the tv screen. It came to my attention that one of the actresses on the Jitterbug commercial was the same actress who played Olivia on Sesame Street. On this crazy Jitterbug commercial is a woman that I faithfully watched as a child to teach me my letters and numbers, and NOW she can't even use a simple cell phone. The roles have reversed and Miss Olivia is the person that needs to learn! She now must use a senior cell phone with 3 huge buttons (#1: Operator, #2: Home, #3: 911) because she is too dumb to figure out how to use a normal cell phone! She has to call an operator to place a call because a normal cell phone is just too complicated! I also find it really funny that none of the actors/actresses in the Jitterbug commercial appear to be over 60! See the fun videos below!

PS...Todd doesn't believe that it is Olivia on the be the judge!


Emily said...

That's totally Olivia. Your commentary is cracking me up!!!

Cindy said...

It's her! No doubt about it. How funny. Y'all don't make fun of Olivia. You know you love her. I'm feeling Olivia's pain. Make Emily bring you to see us.

Kylene said...

Hey I'm Emily's friend. I defnitely think it's Olivia. Her voice is the same. That commercial is funny! They are all like 55! ha ha! Didn't convince me to buy it!

Ricky said...

Definitely her. My wife and I just had the same conversation. She said, "Wait a minute, that's..." and I said, "No. It's not. The woman on Sesame Street? No." But you know I knew it in my heart. So I did a search. Finding this post is all I need to verify it. Just knowing that someone else picked it out.