Sunday, August 3, 2008

Better Late Than Never....

So I was supposed to blog about my fun Fort Worth weekend with the fam a long time ago, but it just didn't happen!! Let me try to sum it up quickly!! I really want everyone to see my fun pics and videos!!

Saturday (July 19, 2008):
Brennan woke up to find Grandma and Shishy sleeping in the bed next to him. It was so cute to hear him say "Gandma?" and then totally realize it really was "Gandma!" I made waffles, and we just had some laid back fun on a Saturday morning. Brennan did a wonderful job singing the ABCs for us as he was preoccupied playing with Granddaddy's quarters (how did he find these?). Brennan's other grandma, Janny, thinks that Brennan has perfect pitch! I totally agree, but I am a VERY proud aunt!! Don't look at Mom in her pajamas as she is ironing!! She might kill me for posting the video!! We also got to bathe Ella who looked like a drowned rat!!

After all of that, we headed over to see the Delich family in Frisco. We had a slight minor fiasco when Dad backed into Peter's brick mailbox and hurt Mom's Acadia! The guys got the mailbox upright again! Then there was another minor fiasco with Brennan's dirty pool diaper and Mom's white capri pants. I'll let your imagination figure that one out!! I am not sure if the Delich family will be inviting us back anytime soon! I like the fun video of Brennan running so hard to get to the pool and then slowly creeping into the pool!

Sunday (July 20,2008):
Mom, Dad, Todd, Brennan, and I headed to the Fort Worth Zoo. Poor Candace had to watch Ella back at my apartment to keep her out of the heat. Brennan's big request all morning was to see the giraffes. Once we got to the giraffes, he wasn't too interested! We didn't stay very long at the zoo because Brennan got overheated! We ended the morning with everyone going to Pappadeaux's for lunch. Oh, and the group pic of Mom on the cell phone is just typical you know! Can't get her off of her Jitterbug!! It was actually Candace talking to her on the phone!!

I was sad when the family finally left. I felt like a real grown-up after having my entire family stay with me. It was a little tight, but definitely manageable!!

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Emily said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! The video of Brennan singing then running to hug your mom is precious!