Sunday, September 21, 2008

Engagement Party Fun Times!!

I am SO sorry for such late post on the engagement party of Manda and Kent!! I had a wonderful time in Cameron, TX!! It was so great to meet the Morgan family and get to see Manda's parents again! I can tell that Manda is marrying into such a precious family! They have to be spectacular since they have an extreme love for the Andy Griffith Show!!

Emily, Brad, Penny Lane, and I had a great roadtrip down to Cameron! The Garmin led us an interesting way down to Cameron, but at least there was no traffic! We might have gone a full 45 minutes without seeing another car.

The Morgans have the most incredible backyard that contains a putt putt course, castle, and fun town with storefronts. There is even a corner focused on the Andy Griffith Show!! This backyard deserves a full hour time slot on HGTV.

Here are some pics from the fun party! I unfortunately did not get a pic with both Manda and Kent. Also, sorry for the bad lighting from my not so good flash!

Emily and Brad
Andy Griffith corner in the backyard town!
Manda, Emily, Sandy, and me

Emily and Brad in front of the castle

I can't wait for the wedding!! We'll all be headed to New Orleans before we know it!!


Emily said...

I look ridiculous in the last photo.

Your hair is beautiful.

See you soon!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad y'all came!!