Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where are my Training Wheels?!?

So I hope that all my readers watched this sweet video of my nephew, Brennan, and listened very closely. The first thing I want you to notice that my super brave and cute nephew said was "I just can't turn." He successfully keeps riding without training wheels and catches the eye of my super observant and cute niece who states, "Here comes bwother." Brennan then gives himself a pep talk by saying, "Steady....steady." Oh and please notice my brother (Brennan's daddy) closely following the brave little boy. I think that is all the background you need for my post!

After watching this video, I began to think about how there are some large overall themes occurring that are issues in my life.

1. The minute that I heard Brennan say "Steady...steady" on the video, I began to think about the analogy I have in my life where I like to verbally state that I have it all together, but I am an internal disaster. My pea sized brain often tricks me into thinking that if I verbalize that I have it all under control...then I WILL have it all under control. These are horrible lies that set me up to tip my "bike" over because God is the ONLY one in control of my life.

2. Family and friends are wonderful at cheering me on in my life (note Ella's encouraging words to Brennan in the video), but ultimately God is the one who matters. Ella couldn't have saved Brennan from falling off the bike. Only Brennan's daddy (playing God's role in this video) was right there for Brennan to lean on if he needed to fall. God ALWAYS knows the balance I am maintaining in my life.

3. I realized that I am a total "training wheels" kind of girl. Like most Christians, learning to trust in the Lord has ALWAYS been a challenge to me. Poor Brennan states first thing in the video, "I just can't turn." How often in my life am I uncomfortable for God to call me to a new place to turn and ride?!? I pray that the Lord will give me the courage to learn to walk in faith to new places He is calling me to, and that I can learn to ride to these places confidently without training wheels. I want to rid myself of often just giving up, putting my feet down, and refusing to ride any farther. I must trust the Lord to help me master a new skill or new location that He wants me to pursue.

4. Although thankfully Brennan did not fall down in this video, I am going to fall down in all areas of my life. I just pray that I am honorable when I tip over while riding the "bike" of my life. I know that I will fall down when I act in a manner unlike Christ. Whether these "falls" happen to be pride, harsh words, jealousy, apathy, failing to forgive, laziness, or other horrible sins that permeate my life, I pray that I can dust myself off and learn from the scrapes and bruises from these falls.

Matt Redman's song lyrics of "You Never Let Go" came to my mind with the training wheels that I sometimes put on areas of my life.

"And even when I'm caught in the middle of the storms of this life

I won't turn back

I know You are near

Oh no, You never let go

Through the calm and through the storm

Oh no, You never let go

In every high and every low

Oh no, You never let go

Lord, You never let go of me"

Philippians 1:16
“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”

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Anonymous said...

This is great insight. I may have to share these thoughts. I love you. And most of all God loves you. Aunt Diane