Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr. Awesome

I have been reading several books at one time, but I have truly been enjoying a biography written about a female missionary surgeon in India. This wonderful woman of God (she will be called Dr. Awesome on this blog in case someone would "Google" her name and it would link to my page) is so special to me because she actually goes to my church, and I have met her. She is working on starting a free health clinic at my church, and I pray that I get a chance to work with her and the people of Fort Worth. Dr. Awesome sat in front of my at church one Sunday and I went to reintroduce myself to her, and she remembered that I was a pharmacist. I felt extremely special!!

I have only read 3 chapters of the book, but Dr. Awesome gives me a lot of hope in doing great things even though I may be shy, introverted, and have a retiring personality. The author discusses how Dr. Awesome was more comfortable with adults than children and grew up a child in an adult world. I often felt the same way while growing up! Although I have come a long way from how shy I was while growing up, I find myself still struggling with being bold when I first meet people.

Dr. Awesome lived in India from 1974-2002. During 1991-1996 she was the only residential missionary in her part of India. She was able to treat patients very much like we treat them in the United States. Dr. Awesome discusses though about how she had to familiarize herself with the medications available in India and spent a whole day hanging out in the hospital pharmacy when she first arrived in India.

She talks about saving a man in 1976 who was biten by a cobra on the hand after trying to catch the cobra to sew its mouth shut. Dr. Awesome really had little confidence that the man would make it, but after 12 vials of anti-venom, the man was on the path to recovery. The book talks about how she prayed with every patient before each surgery and had such a gentleness with teaching the nurses at the Indian hospital....simply amazing!

When probably the most risky thing I did today was stick a Q-tip in my ear (yeah...I know better!), her story of constantly being at risk of getting her Indian medical license denied and revoked makes my life seem pretty boring. I continue to pray for India as I feel that my heart has been touched by two dear Indian friends that God has placed in my life. I also continue to pray that the Lord will provide a chance for me to minister to people here in the Fort Worth area and when He wants me to go to India, the path will me clear.

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