Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enough Already About the Barnett Shale...

OK...I am first going to make a blanket statement that I am neither for nor against urban gas drilling. I also would like to make a blanket statement that I honestly don't know much about this whole Barnett Shale thing and the urban gas drilling business. Shame on me since I am a resident of Fort Worth!!

What I really want to discuss is why did Chesapeake Energy decide to pick Tommy Lee Jones as their spokesman to tell Fort Worth citizens to "get behind the Barnett Shale"!?!?

Here are a couple of reasons why I am probably annoyed by the fact that they picked Mr. Jones:
  • I think of Tommy Lee as being a t-sip after he filmed the wonderful sleeper film "Man of the House." I don't even think that the movie references the university of the cheerleaders that Tommy Lee is protecting, but I assume that it was t.u. since that is where the movie was filmed. Actually, Tommy Lee went to Harvard where he roomed with my next point...
  • Al Gore. Yes...every time I pass the billboard with Mr. Jones' picture I have to chuckle to myself thinking about what Al Gore must feel now that his college roomie is involved with this whole Barnett Shale campaign. Wonder how Tommy Lee's carbon footprint has changed with his association to the Barnett Shale?!? My carbon footprint has recently decreased now that I only use my private jet monthly instead of weekly! Sorry...back on topic!!
  • What does Tommy Lee Jones know about the Barnett Shale?!?!....he is an ACTOR! I just feel that the marketing people for Chesapeake could have come up with something better! I think that lots of credibility was lost by picking an actor....but that's just me. Maybe their marketing people are the same people who chose the name for the store Dress Barn. I have always been perplexed why the marketing people of Dress Barn haven't suggested a name change!! This is my impersonation of someone who shops at Dress Barn...."Bubba, drive me down to the Barn so that I can buy a feed sack to cover my ginormous, square body." Makes me want to shop at the Barn!! I digress greatly again!

Ok...I am done with my rant for the evening!!


Amy said...

YES. Chesapeake BITES! I know right, everytime I see a billboard or a bus with Thank Barnett Shale for Parks. Thank Barnett Shale for scholarships. Makes me want to puke. I've never heard of anything like it. I mean the oil and gas business has been in Texas for about a hundred years now and they never before felt the need to thank the rocks providing the oil adn gas, or get behind them. It's so DUMB. XTO would never succumb to such stupidity. That is because XTO is the BEST. I am so pleased that someone besides a fellow XTO employee has pointed this out.

I also heartily enjoyed the Dress Barn comments. "ginormous square body"...LOL

Emily said...

You crack me up girl!!!

But somehow, Man of the House notwithstanding, I feel that if TLJ is behind it, it must be safe. I mean, he is Marshal Samuel Girard!