Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Orphan Wedding Dress....

I went to the dry cleaners today, so it reminded me of a great blog topic that I have been meaning to post! It also is in conjunction of the third wedding anniversary of my good friends Brad and Emily Gentry. Where does the time go?!?! Congrats!

Ok...back on topic. A few months ago when I dropped off some dry cleaning at Centre Cleaners on Hulen Street, the girl working behind the counter asked me my name and then proceeded to ask me if a wedding dress in a box behind the counter was mine?!?! I was a little shocked by the question, but then she told me that the person who left the dress had the last name of Baker, and that they have been trying to contact the owner for a little over three years. I couldn't really see what the dress looked like but I picture it to be just hideously ugly in my head. It makes me feel better that it is an ugly dress since it is now an orphan at the dry cleaner! I found a really fun picture of an ugly wedding dress but crazy Blogger isn't letting me upload pictures at the moment...ugh!!

So my crazy imagination made up several different scenarios as to why someone would leave a preserved wedding dress at a dry cleaner for OVER three years.
  • The bride and groom were tragically killed on their honeymoon. Someone had taken the dress to get it preserved after their wedding, and they just could not face the dress again and therefore left it at the dry cleaners.
  • The person who took the dress to the dry cleaners for the bride was tragically killed and the bride has been trying to track down her dress ever since. No luck obviously!
  • The bride and groom split up right after the bride took the dress to the cleaners and she just can't face the dress (the most "Debbie Downer" scenario...oh wait...they are all pretty depressing!). my scenarios aren't that interesting. Anyone else have an idea of why this wedding dress is now an orphan? I hope the owner reads my blog and suddenly feels compelled to pick up their property! I asked the girl at Centre Cleaners about the usual policy of donating unclaimed clothing to Goodwill after 3 months, but she says that they can't do that with the wedding dress!

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Emily said...

Thanks girl! That is so sad about the wedding dress, and so random that they are just asking any Bakers who come in if it belongs to them.

I'm thinking she was jilted the week before the wedding and can't bear to go pick it up. But seriously, she should've had a friend get it and either trash it (like breaking dishes) or sell it on ebay!