Sunday, July 20, 2008

So Much to Blog....So Little Time....or Brain Power!?!?

Let me just start by saying that I had one incredible weekend!! It started with a BANG on Thursday night and rarely slowed down throughout the entire weekend!! I love weekends full of family fun!!

Thursday (July 17,2008):
Todd called me on Wednesday morning and invited me to go see Glenn Beck with him at the Majestic Theatre on Thursday night. I was excited that I could go and it turned out that my parents came down early so that they could go see the show too. Mr. Beck is currently on his Summer Political Tour and is just plain hilarious! For those of you who do not who who this man is, Glenn Beck is a conservative political commentator with a talk radio show on CNN. We got to see his tour program live, but they were also doing a national simulcast to 300 movie theaters across the nation. They joked that only two tickets were sold at the Chelsea theater in New York City!! Those tickets were actually bought by one of the camera man's family members. Governor Rick Perry was there with his family. He continues to have nice hair! Marcus Luttrell, the lone surviving member of Navy SEAL Team TEN, was also there. His team was on a mission to kill or capture a high ranking Taliban leader in Afghanistan when goat herders betrayed the team's location and were then attacked by about 200 enemy fighters. I was even more proud to be an American after going to this show. Some other random things I learned at the Glenn Beck Show:
  • I love my mom's laugh!!
  • There was actually a law passed in California that makes it illegal to dry a car with used underwear at a carwash!
  • Tuberculosis is on the rise in California due to illegal "Mexican Bathtub Cheese." Who buys this stuff...made in a bathtub...nastiness?!?!

Friday (July 18, 2008):

I unfortunately had to go to work early on Friday morning while my parents were here. It was a good thing that they were here because the Saturn decided that it didn't want to start! I had a dead battery, so it was nice that my dad could take me to work! After work, I met my parents and our good friends, the Delich's, at the Steven Curtis Chapman Concert. It was a wonderful concert with just Steven Curtis Chapman alone with his guitar. He did a great job of sharing his raw emotions of the recent tragic death of his daughter, Maria. There was not a dry eye in the sanctuary when he sang "Dancing with Cinderella." SCC makes me think a lot about my years at A&M. I loved the Speechless album and listened to it a lot on road trips during my college years. SCC also had at least one song on each of the WOW albums during those years. I always got a WOW CD in my Easter basket...thanks Mom!! Fun memories! I really love the song "Be Still and Know."

I will have to save the adventures of Saturday and Sunday for a journal post tomorrow!! Gotta keep my audience on the edge of their seats...

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Emily said...

I am SO SAD I missed SCC!!! I knew that was coming up and was even going to see if you wanted to go, and I completely forgot to check his schedule again last week.

I'm so glad you had fun with your family this weekend. Good times!

People who don't know you are telling me they think your blog is funny. So that should either creep you out, or you should be flattered. I will let you choose. :)