Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Cookie Time!!

I just returned from Tom Thumb where the Girl Scouts have taken's cookie time!! I saw a cute little Girl Scout who was rolling her eyes at her mother because she was being pressured to be a good salesperson, and you could tell her heart wasn't in it!

I quickly identified with this cute little girl and wanted to tell her my heartwarming Girl Scout story where I looked at my mom, threw down all of my Girl Scout calendars in my neighbor's yard when no one would buy one, and kept on walking. My mom was SO proud!! I thought her mom might frown at me though for my story...her mom looked like one of those people who could sell ice to an Eskimo!

It just got me thinking about how some of us just aren't salespeople! I definitely would fail selling ice water to people in the desert! Thankfully selling Girl Scout cookies was kind of like selling ice water to people in the desert, but the Girl Scout calendars were always unfortunate! No one wants to look at little girls in beanies for an entire month...that is unless you are related to one! point really to my post...just buy some cookies to help certain poor little Girl Scouts who stink at selling things!

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