Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quit Complaining!!

During my quiet time today, I got slammed with the following questions in the book Called and Accountable: "Would you (or someone close to you) be able to describe your life as a life that abides in love? Have recent actions and attitudes toward those you relate to daily (your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, and your church family) been expressed in love?"

I began to think about how jaded, flippant, and harsh my attitude has recently become. It seems that I have turned into a person who takes anything and makes it into a sarcastic joke.

Right before New Year's Eve, I was talking to several of my co-workers about their resolutions for 2011. I was being silly as usual, and I just shot off the statement that I was "not going to be rude to another nurse again on the phone." Everyone kind of laughed at me because pharmacists are notorious for being rude to nurses, and a co-worker started to encourage me to read a secular book called "A Complaint Free World." She even brought me a bracelet that is to be used to remind me to quit complaining. Now I am not going to read this book and I may try my best to wear the bracelet at work, but it got me thinking that I am missing out on so many opportunities to enable God's love to be expressed in my relationships because I am too busy griping or being sarcastic.

I must admit that I initially was a little perturbed that she handed me a "Complaint Free" bracelet. I know that I do my fair share of whining at work, but I could name many other folks who beat me on the "complaint ladder"....oops...there I go whining again!

My pastor told the following story today that convicted me about this recent conversation in my life and my serious need to quit my yammering. John Hyde was as missionary who left for India in the 1800s. When he was on the ship headed to India, Hyde opened a letter from a friend who wrote that he would pray until John was filled with the Holy Spirit. He crumpled up the letter because he was so angry that his friend would dare say he lacked the Holy Spirit. He had yielded his heart to the Lord and agreed to go clear across the world for his life's work. But when he settled down, he realized that his friend was right and prayed for the power of the Holy Spirit.

I know that I will continue to stumble with my complaining while I am here on this earth, but I pray that the Lord continues to convict me and teach me that by getting rid of the grumbling, I will fulfill the call and plans that God has placed on my life.

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