Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Woohoo for 2011 !!!!

It blows my mind that 2011 is upon us! I have been a very bad blogger lately, so I thought I would start off with some housekeeping thoughts for my blog!

I am not calling these resolutions but more like a list of what I would like to accomplish or continue to accomplish in 2011!

  • Have a consistent quiet time with the Lord (I had an epiphany over the Christmas break about a theory I have about my walk with the Lord and Brennan and Ella's stretched out for a later blog post on this!)
  • Run another 5K and beat my time
  • Run a 10K (most likely late in 2011!!)
  • Continue with my weight loss (when hasn't this been on my New Year's resolution list or accomplishments?!?) Maybe I should quantify a number and say be 20 lbs lighter by 12/31/11
  • Blog more often. 2010 was a bad blog year for me. I apologize to all friends and family who got cheated out of a birthday post. I just got overwhelmed and those folks who had a birthday from January-July got the short end of the stick!
  • Become more adventurous. It wouldn't take much adventure for me to be more adventurous! I want to rid myself of the comments I have received previously in my life such as "I picture you driving a mini-van" or "I don't really see you doing much on New Year's Eve".
  • Cook more. Make at least two meals a week...I am aiming low!
That's it for now! I hope that everyone is having a great start to 2011!!

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